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Lars Broman, Strömstad Academy,

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1 Lars Broman, Strömstad Academy,

2 Strömstad Academy Lars Broman Presented in Ukraine 22-25 April 2013

3 Lars Broman, Strömstad Academy, Här is Strömstad Academy, in Strömstad City Hall.

4 Lars Broman, Strömstad Academy, Strömstad Academy was created in Strömstad on 10 September 2008 as a Nordic Institute for Advanced Study. The Academy consists of scholars engaged in research, development, education, and information. The Academy is transdisciplinary and largely virtual but is localized to Strömstad, Sweden and has offices in Strömstad City Hall. Fellows of the Academy belong to many different academic disciplines and are spread over a large part of the Nordic and other countries. Strömstad Academy provides scholars who previously have been connected with or who plan to leave their previous university a new academic place.

5 Lars Broman, Strömstad Academy, Academy Fellows (April 2013) Professors: Per-Sigurd Agrell, Stockholm; Informatics Nils-Göran Areskoug, Stockholm; Transdisciplinary Research Ulf Berg, Lund; Organic Chemistry Ann-Marie Berggren, Täby; History Lars Bjerkenstedt, Bromma; General Psychiatry Maria Björkroth, Borlänge; Museum Science Lars Broman, Falun; Physics and Vice Chancellor Göran Bryntse, Falun; Energy Eficient Technologies Tom Burns, Uppsala; Sociology Jan Böhme, Uppsala; Molecular Biology Gouri Datta, New Delhi, India; Physics Sally Duensing, London, UK; Honorary Professor Marie-Louise Ekman, Stockholm; Honorary Professor Erik Eriksson, Falun; German Comparative Literature

6 Lars Broman, Strömstad Academy, More Professors: Kjell-Åke Forsgren, Falkenberg; German Torbjörn Frejd, S Sandby; Oreganic Chemistry Bodil Frisdal, Lund; Pedagogics and Prorector Peter Fritzell, Falun; Orthopedics Jānis Gedrovics, Riga, Latvia; Science of Education Inger Grundén, Koster; Pedagogics Anders Gustavsson, Henån; Ethnology Christina Heldner, Göteborg; French Bo Helgeson, Karlskrona; Human Work Science Dan Hellberg, Falun; Obstetrics and Gynecology Erik Hofrén, Norrköping; Museum Science Nils G Holm, Åbo, Finland; Science of Religion Asger Høeg, Köpenhamn, Denmark; Honorary Professor Stefan Jern, Lund; Psychology Markku Jääskeläinen, Borlänge; Physics Bodil Jönsson, Valby; Honorary Professor Tara Kandpal, New Delhi, India; Honorary Professor

7 Lars Broman, Strömstad Academy, More Professors: Larry Kazmerski, Golden, CO, USA; Honorary Professor Gunnar Kullenberg, Seillons source d'Argens, France; Oceanography Johan Lamm, Marstrand; Energy Economics in Physical Planning Ari Lampinen, Joensuu, Finland; Renewable Energy Ingrid Liljeroth, Göteborg; Special Education Odd Lindberg, Örebro; Social Work Åsa Ljungström, Uppsala; Ethnology Bengt Lorendahl, Kungsängen; Business Administration Ingrid Millbourn, Lund; History Sverker Molander, Kållekärr; Environment System Analysis Bengt Nelander, Lund; Physical Chemistry Marie Nordström, Uppsala; Microbiology Carl E Olivestam, Stockholm; Science of Education Gudrun Olsson, Aalborg, Denmark; Psychology Aadu Ott, Partille; Science of Education Sten Philipson, Stockholm; Ethics and Value Research Péter Révay, Täby; Bisiness Economics

8 Lars Broman, Strömstad Academy, More Professors: Torsten Rönnerstrand, Göteborg; Comparative Literature Sven Erik Skønberg, Kråkerøy, Norge; Sociology and Prorector Anders Steene, Täby; Tourism Studies Stig Svallhammar, Strängnäs; Human Geography Eugen Ungethüm, Strömstad; Applied Climatology Ernst van Groningen, Uppsala; Astronomy Marie-Louise Wadenberg, Färjestaden; Pharmacology Lennart Wetterberg, Bromma; Psychiatry Gunnar Windahl, Hamburgsund; Psychology

9 Lars Broman, Strömstad Academy, Researchers Sten Andersson, Falun; Architecture Mariana Back, Vaxholm; Science Communication Bo Djörke, Orsa; i ekonomi Milotte Frisdal, Lund; Science of Education Georg Granér, Falun; Molecular Cell Biology Bengt J Johansson, Göteborg; Science of Education Dick Nilsson, Falun; Comparative Literature Dan Olsson, Ystad; German Olga Stankiewicz Nakken, Egersund, Norway; Physics Johan Vestlund, Borlänge; Solar Energy Technology

10 Lars Broman, Strömstad Academy, To be a Fellow of Strömstad Academy implies * membership in a Academy with high scientific quality; Nordic accreditation is in the planning, * an academic address with place on a web page and with personal email address; it is suggested that Fellow uses this address and that she/he presents herself on the web page, * access to office, phone, internet connection and meeting rooms in Strömstad City Hall, * ACTA ACADEMIAE STROMSTADIENSIS and DiVA are available for Fellows for electronic publishing free of charge, * a transdisciplinary anthology with Fellows as authors of chapters is yearly published electronically; the theme 2013 is OUR BETTER FUTURE,

11 Lars Broman, Strömstad Academy, To be a Fellow also implies * invitation to a yearly transdisciplinary Academic Festival in June in Strömstad; in 2013 24-26 June, * invitation also to other events; in 2013 a meeting at Experimentarium in Copenhagen, Denmark 7 May and a Symposium on Public Understanding of Science at University West in Trollhättan, Sweden 27 September, * possibility to participate as Academy Representative in international circumstances, * receiving a frequent electronic Newsletter, * Fellow is also member of Strömstad Academy Non-profit Association with full voting rights at the annual meeting, * Fellow can as Fellow of Strömstad Academy apply for grants from foundations, * appointed Fellow pays an annual fee for covering the cost of web page, email address, and administration to the Academy; the fee for 2013 is SEK 600.

12 Lars Broman, Strömstad Academy, Appointments Fellows are appointed at Strömstad Academy by the Board and are inaugurated at an annual Festival according to: She/he who is or has been full Professor or found qualified for a full professorship at an accredited University or University College is appointed as Professor. She/he who has been appointed Associate Professor (Swedish: docent) is appointed as Associate Professor. She/he who has a PhD or corresponding degree and who is or has been Senior Lecturer at an accredited Seat of Learning is appointed as Assistant Professor. She/he who has a Nordic PhD or corresponding degree is appointed as Research Associate. She/he who has a Nordic BA or BSc or corresponding degree is appointed as Research Assistant. Appointments are non-salaried.

13 Lars Broman, Strömstad Academy, How to apply for appointment Strömstad akademi välkomnar ansökningar skickade till Lars Broman, rektor Stångtjärnsvägen 132, 79174 Falun, eller Strömstad Academy welcomes applications sent to Lars Broman, Vice Chancellor, Strömstad Academy, SE-45280 Strömstad, SWEDEN, or to State name, address, date of birth, and in which subject you want to be appointed. Include documentary proof of your academic status (as above). Both emeriti and active persons are welcome in the Academy. Invoice for the first year’s fee will be sent efter appointment is accepted.

14 Lars Broman, Strömstad Academy, Honorary Professor L. L. Kazmerski giving presentation during an Academic Festival in Strömstad City Hall

15 Lars Broman, Strömstad Academy, Academy Fellows on study tour to North Koster Island outsida Strömstad

16 Lars Broman, Strömstad Academy, FIN

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