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The new CP series with revolutionary AVer+ software July 2009 | AVerMedia information, Inc. | >> AVerVisionCP355.

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1 The new CP series with revolutionary AVer+ software July 2009 | AVerMedia information, Inc. | >> AVerVisionCP355

2 Powerfully Powerfully upgraded Gooseneck models AVerVisionCP355 Putting a spin on the iF award winner CP300

3 all come with …

4 3.2 3.2 megapixel camera sensor

5 HD 720p HD 720p (1280x720) output resolution VGA

6 24 24 fps seamless live image

7 AVerZoom TM 2X patented AVerZoom TM

8 Equivalent to optical zoom when zooming in up to 200% (2X) AVerZoom Optical Zoom Digital Zoom Image QualityClear Distorted when zoomed in Pan CapabilityYesNoYes CostLowHighLow Patented AVerZoom TM

9 3M 80 jpg images up to 3M pixel resolution

10 2016 x 1520 3M pixel 1024 x 768 0.78M pixel Single and Continuous capture…

11 Added-on Added-on features AVerPresenter | Picture-in-Picture | Split Screen

12 AVerBoxAVerVisor Clearly highlight any detail you want to focus on Cover up details until you wish to reveal them AVerPresenter Focus Attention

13 Comparisons Made Easy Split Screen Picture-in-Picture Compare and analyze images horizontally or vertically side- by-side Compare live image (large screen) against still ones (small screen in 4 optional corners)

14 LED lamp Embedded LED lamp about 20,000 hours life

15 control panel Improved control panel a more user-friendly touch

16 Chic Touch for CP Quick switches between different modes Standalone Playback button saves operational time Beloved shuttle wheel

17 AVer+ Software All-New AVer+ Software

18 Leverage content from multiple sources: internet, user- created materials, visualizers, etc. Multiple project pages with unlimited working space Record and share your favorite teachings and students works Richer project tools: –Annotation (freehand, line, shape, text, and eraser) –Special Tools (measuring tools, grids, clocks, etc.) –Spotlight and AVerVisor –Import and Export files Key Features Scanning

19 New CP Series CP135 Improved Control Panel Shuttle Wheel LED Lamp Separate source button Remote control Rich Add-ons AVerPresenter Split Screen Picture-in-Picture Standard Functions Auto Image Single & Continuous Capture 80-image capture up to 3M resolution Powerful Spec 3.2M Pixel HD 720p Incl. 2X AVerZoom TM Seamless 24fps Revolutionary AVer+ Software Quick Auto Focus and DVI-I output 80X total zoom (10X AVer ® Optical zoom + 8X digital zoom) Wide angle mode: A4 portrait Patented laser positioning guide CP355

20 Series ModelsCP135CP355 Camera Sensor3.2M Output resolutionHD 720p (1280x720) Auto focusNoYes Frame rate (fps)24 2X AVerZoom TM Yes Optical ZoomNo5X Total Zoom16X80X Shooting AreaA4 landscapeA4 portrait Image storage (max.)80 up to 3M resolution Old CP series vs. New CP series

21 SeriesNew CP ModelsCP135CP355 AVerPresenterYes PIP and Split ScreenYes DVI-I outputNoYes Remote controlYes SoftwareAVer+ Old CP series vs. New CP series cont…

22 DVI-I output not available with CP135 Microscope Adapter Light Box Carrying Bag (standard w/ CP355) Connectivity & Optional Accessories

23 AVerVision CP355 Better than Real High quality 3.2-megapixel camera sensor with Auto Focus and 24fps Powerful 80X total zoom (10X AVer® Optical Zoom + 8X Digital Zoom) Wide display mode for A4 portrait documents –Macro mode: for 5cm~20cm closer look –Infinity mode: for 55cm~ distance as a webcam Patented laser positioning guide Revolutionary AVer+ Software

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