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Wheat and Barley Hand Sieves 7/24/08

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1 Wheat and Barley Hand Sieves 7/24/08
ECT Step by Step Wheat and Barley Hand Sieves 7/24/08

2 Create New Hand Sieve Test
Select FGIS-924 Sieve Test from dropdown list A new blank record will open

3 Blank General Page Standard User Steps to Complete:
Enter Service Point Code Add Standard Equipment Add Test Equipment Click on Save Review Click on Next

4 Add Equipment Can Select Multiple Sieves Click over the checkbox
Click on Save to add those sieves and return to general page.

5 Completed General Page
Equipment can still be edited Next and Standard button are now available. Test user can edit Service Point and Test Equipment as needed.

6 Blank Standard Page Steps to Complete Enter Date Mailed
Select either Mechanical or Hand method Select Sieve number from dropdown Enter Sample ID Enter Sieve Type Enter Results ( Average calculated by system) Select Sieving Method Enter Results by and Date Click on Save Review Click on Submit or Click on Submit to Create another new record.

7 Completed and Submitted Standard Page
After the Standard results are submitted they are locked and cannot be changed. Test Page is now available by clicking on Next (at the bottom right) or Test (at top)

8 Blank Test Page Steps to Complete Click on Sieving Method
Select Sieve Number, Sample ID, and Sieve Type Enter Results and Results by ( license number) Enter Date Click on Save Review Click on Submit

9 Completed Test Page Record is locked Moves straight to Summary Page

10 Summary Page Record is locked – cannot be edited
Remarks can always be added. Click on Cancel to return to Home page.

11 Oops !!!!! You broke it but Don’t Panic
Sometimes an error occurs when using the system. First try to go back to the record and continue. If error happens again make a note as to what action is triggering the error and call program administrator. The IT staff sees all these errors and will contact the program administrator to investigate.

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