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LIBRARIES - KNOWLEDGE - SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT in the information society.

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1 LIBRARIES - KNOWLEDGE - SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT in the information society

2 Exploding information need

3 Growing information overload

4 Exponential growth in technology (M instructions per second/kUSD in logarithmic scale)

5 Falling prices increasing prices in content

6 INTERNET globalization, concentration largest circle: 1 M, smallest circle: 1 user

7 Library functions Acquisition, preservation, dissemination, abstracting and indexing of relevant information. Serve education at all levels.

8 Acquisition Exponential growth of the number of documents. Rocketing prices. Limitation of physical space. Result: increasing role of electronic storage, restricted, specialized collections.

9 Preservation Paper retains its strong position. Need for continuous restoration. Limited retrieval in paper-based documents. Digital material needs special care.

10 Dissemination Decreasing number of visitors. Accessibility outside library walls. What is absent from INTERNET does not exist?! Decreasing role of libraries?! Changing role of the librarian.

11 Abstracting and indexing Often performed by the authors themselves. Appropriate definition and selection of metadata. Growing importance of repositories and other databases. Needs a specially skilled librarian.

12 Education in the library Kindergarten High school College and beyond Life-long learning

13 Lifelong, life-wide, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. Response to the rapid change of our world. New job skills (learndirect packages, courses). Scientific research Management Technology Marketing

14 Library: modern agora? Oriental collection of the Library of HAS

15 Library: modern agora? Knowledge dissemination Enhancing literacy Meeting point for communities Discussion panel

16 Knowledge dissemination Courses Workshops Seminars

17 Enhancing literacy Tibetan language

18 Enhancing literacy Landscapes by Thomas Ender

19 Community information Information on – council departments – other organizations – careers – voluntary groups – housing – entertainment

20 Meeting point Meeting in the Library of HAS with John Lukacs, US/Hungarian historian and writer


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