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$1,000,000 to Spend in Le Paris By: Quinton DePaolo.

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1 $1,000,000 to Spend in Le Paris By: Quinton DePaolo

2 My Major categories Tips and gratuities-$2,730.00 Home purchase-$284,107.50 Donations to charity-$100,000.00 College savings-$99,999.04 Food-$173,135.55 Activities and souvenirs-$109,176.88 Lodging-$57,520.00

3 3 My pie chart for my Major Categories

4 Transportation I bought airplane tickets from Washington to Paris, France for the price of $19,367.00 per ticket and Im bringing 6 people. I also bought a Mercedes Benz that cost $56,828.48 dollars and I needed 30 gallons of gas that cost $300.00. 4

5 College Savings Shares with Apple are worth $594.71 per stock and Im getting 10 stocks. I chose Apple because I use it every day. Shares with Nike are worth $111.97 per stock and I have 66 stocks. I chose Nike because I wear them. Shares with Toyota are $3205.00 per stock and I have 26 stocks. I chose Toyota because I see them every day. Shares in Shell are $70.36 per stock and I have 27 stocks. I chose Shell because Im part Dutch. Shares in Disney are worth 43.40 per stock and I have 33 of them. I chose Disney because I have fun there every time I go.

6 Home Purchase Address is BR,3,2 Bath House at Olympia, WA 2915 Riley Dr Se I chose this house for a couple reasons. The first reason is because I wanted to live near the top border so, it wouldnt take as long to get to Paris. I also always wanted to live in Washington D.C. My total amount spent on my house is 284,107.50

7 Donations to charity My Charities are World Vision and St. Judes children hospital. I chose World Vision because I loved how they helped Haiti. It also has 4 out of 4 stars on the Over-all score. I also chose St. Jude's children hospital because it was my moms favorite and its over-all score was also 4 stars.

8 Food I ate every day at the Hard Rock Cafe` for breakfast My favorite lunch was Cooking class because I got to make my own lunch. And my favorite dinner was at Jules Verne restaurant because it was in the Eiffel tower and it was very fancy.

9 Hotel Im staying at Ritz Paris $2876 per night I chose this hotel because it was recommended one of the best hotels in Paris. It also has a pool.

10 Tips and gratuities The service was so good in Paris,France that whenever possible, I gave the service people a good tip. I gave everyone 682.64 except the door man I gave him 682.63 because he did the least work.

11 Activities and souvenirs My favorite activity was the disneyland resort with transportation because disney always made me laugh and have fun. My favorite souvenir was the 18k gold Tiffany&co mens watch with engravement because it was the only thing that had my name on it.

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