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The Present Subjunctive Español 3 Capítulo 7 Página 239-240.

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1 The Present Subjunctive Español 3 Capítulo 7 Página

2 The Subjunctive Up to now you have been using verbs in the indicative mood, which is used to talk about facts or actual events.

3 The Subjunctive Spanish has another way of using verbs called the subjunctive mood.

4 The Subjunctive Espero obtener una A en mi prueba. Vs. Espero que tú obtengas una A en tu prueba.

5 The Subjunctive someone else to do something. The subjunctive is not fact/it did not happen yet. We use it to say what one person: asks hopes tells insists requires

6 WIERD W Wish E Emotion I Impersonal Expressions R Requests D Doubt (of existence or of occurrence)

7 The Subjunctive que A sentence that includes the subjunctive form has two parts connected by the word que (meaning that). For example:

8 The Subjunctive Quiero que tú estudies I want you to study.

9 2 Clauses Ella sugiere que tú estudies Español Independent clause (stands on its own) Subject > Verb Separated by the word que Dependent clause (cant stand on its own) Begins with the word que. Indicative Verb Subjunctive Verb

10 The Subjunctive 1 st subject – Indicative + QUE + 2 ND Subject – Subjunctive

11 The Subjunctive We form the present subjunctive of most verbs the same way we form negative tú commands.

12 Words that would indicate the subjunctive (you will find these in your main clause) 1.Decir (when it means tell) 2.Esperar 3.Exigir 4.Insistir en 5.Pedir 6.Querer 7.Recomendar 8.Sugerir

13 The Subjunctive We drop the -o of the present- tense indicative yo form and add the subjunctive endings.

14 The Subjunctive For -ar verbs: e, es, e, emos, éis, en For -er/-ir verbs: a, as, a, amos, áis, an

15 Votar – to vote vote votes vote votemos votéis voten

16 Prometer– to promise prometa prometas prometa prometamos prometáis prometan

17 Recibir – to receive reciba recibas reciba recibamos recibáis reciban

18 The Subjunctive The present subjunctive has the same spelling changes and irregular yo form changes used with the negative tú commands and Ud./Uds. commands.

19 As in negative commands, irregular verbs that add a g to the stem in the present- tense yo form also have a g in the present subjunctive.

20 Verbs that have a go in the yo present indicative form caerse decir hacer poner salir tener traer

21 Irregular Subjunctive Verbs hacer hag-ohaga tener teng-otenga

22 Irregular Subjunctive Verbs Also verbs ending in –car, - gar, and –zar have a spell change in order to maintain the original sound.

23 Irregular Subjunctive Verbs buscar buscobusque pagarpagopague cruzarcruzocruce

24 Ger infinitives Remember there are some where the yo form the g changes to a j. 1.Escoger 2.Coger 3.Exigir 4.Recoger 1.Escoja 2.Coja 3.Exija 4.Recoja 1.Escoger 2.Coger 3.Exigir 4.Recoger 1.Escoja 2.Coja 3.Exija 4.Recoja

25 Stem Changing verbs Keep the stem for all –ar and –er verbs except in the nosotros form. Ex. Cierre, cerremos -ir infinitives the nosotros form e-i, o-u even if the other forms have ie and ue. sienta, sintamos, duerma, durmamos

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