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B The State of the Marriage, Family and Divorce in Florida.

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1 b The State of the Marriage, Family and Divorce in Florida

2 Florida has the highest number of reported divorces than any other state in the country: 86,000 annually

3 Compared to other states: State: Divorces: Florida 86,000 New York56,000 Texas 79,000

4 Even though these other states have greater populations, Florida still has a greater number divorces State Divorces Population Florida 86,000 18.3 million New York56,00019.5 million Texas 79,000 24.3 million

5 Family Breakdown = High Cost Social Costs Taxpayer Costs Business Costs

6 April 2008: First Study Ever Done on Taxpayer Costs to Family Fragmentation

7 Florida has the 6th largest taxpayer costs in the nation as a result of family fragmentation:

8 Forgone Tax Revenue $ 313 Million Justice System $ 814 Million TANF (Temporary Asst for Needy Families) $ 57 Million Medicaid $ 42 Million SCHIP (State Childrens Health Ins Program) $ 43 Million Child Welfare $181 Million TOTAL$1.9 Billion Annual Taxpayer Costs to Family Breakdown in Florida

9 Stable marriages = Direct Savings to the State and Taxpayers Dr. Ben Scafidi who did the primary research for the Institute for American Values study on Taxpayer Costs of Divorce and Unwed Childbearing states: According to new research on the taxpayer costs of divorce and unwed childbearing, even modest success rates in strengthening marriages would be cost effective.

10 According to Dr. Ben Scafidi: In Florida, if such a program succeeded in increasing stably married families by just 1 percent, it would save Florida taxpayers $19,530,000 per year. A 3% increase would save Florida taxpayers $58,590,000 every year. To get a 5% increase in stable married families (saving Florida taxpayers $97,650,000…

11 How can we as state even attempt to solve a problem as big and as pervasive as family breakdown?


13 Campaign Goals: Goals: Increase the number of couples receiving pre- marital preparation Strengthen existing marriages and restore crisis marriages Reduce the divorce rate in Florida by 10% Save taxpayers the costs of family fragmentation by approximately $100 million dollars annually. Creating community awareness and a positive culture of marriage which celebrates and respects the institution of marriage for the benefit of children, families and the common good of society.

14 Solution: Private Sector Initiatives & Public Policy Changes

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