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Green Infrastructure for Rochdale Borough in Greater Manchester (Part 1 of 2) Francis Hesketh CMLI CEnv Partner, TEP.

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1 Green Infrastructure for Rochdale Borough in Greater Manchester (Part 1 of 2) Francis Hesketh CMLI CEnv Partner, TEP

2 Study Objectives: 1.What does Green Infrastructure mean for Greater Manchester? 2.Route-map for the City Region to implement GI

3 Why? We have to (policy obligation in RSS and NGP) We need to (to effectively deliver key functions & deal with growth blockers (MAA & GM Strategic Plan)) The 2025 world-class city vision requires a collaborative approach to GI Case studies elsewhere e.g. London / New York emphasise that partnership working is critical – Its Infrastructure, Stupid!

4 We will make our cities sustainable by a few major projects and a thousand and one small changes From Low S. Sustainable Cities Image © CABE


6 Growth-support functions of Green Infrastructure in GM 1.Flood risk management & climate change adaptation 2.Ecological framework 3.Sustainable movement (multi-user routes) 4.Sense of place 5.River & canal corridor management 6.Positive image & setting for growth 7.Supporting urban regeneration 8.Supporting communities, health and enjoyment


8 Jobs & Prosperity Tourism, Leisure, Image, Inward Investment, Gateways, Healthier workers, Flood-proofing town centres Every Child Matters Healthier lifechoices, Sport, Environmental Education

9 Community Safety Healthier communities, more volunteers, better looked-after places Cleaner Greener Environment Parks & Open Spaces, Access to the Countryside, Volunteering, Biodiversity, Landscape Quality Health & Wellbeing Sport, Leisure, Mental Stress relief


11 Case study 1: River Quaggy, Lewisham, London River flows 35% in culvert, 39% in concrete canal Flooding affected development potential and land values downstream Lewisham Town Centre vulnerable Traditional engineered solutions to flood defence required maintenance and had delivered one function at the expense of many others Local revolt against engineered solutions – Quaagy Waterways Action Group



14 Case study 1: River Quaggy, Lewisham, London Sutcliffe Park was a typical green desert park – Quaggy flowed in culvert underneath Regeneration and health issues QWAG /Environment Agency used Flood alleviation scheme money to create flood storage washlands in Sutcliffe Park instead

15 Left: 2003 before restoration Below: 2004, then 2007

16 Economic Benefits: Lower cost flood defences. More flood storage. Increased development potential and town centre flood-proofing Health Benefits: More use of park: Biodiversity Benefits: Community Cohesion Benefits: Active Civic group

17 Regional Centre and Inner Areas

18 River Quaggy Regional Park Opportunity East London Green Grid

19 Regional Centre & Inner Areas

20 Case study A: Pennine Edge Forest Belfield Urban Forest was underused greenspace in the River Roch Valley Close to HMR area and existing deprived communities NEWLANDS and SUSTRANS schemes January 2008 flood storage protected town centre


22 Case study A: Pennine Edge Forest Natural Signposting Project in Kirkholt (interwar estate with over supply of green space) Connections to Rochdale Canal & Tandle Hill Park South Rochdale Forest Trail


24 Transforming Estates Priory Green (Peabody Trust, London)

25 M62 DUN Land, Flood Issues Biodiversity & Cultural Heritage Deprivation Issues Close to HMR / Growth Point Case study B: Irwell Valley


27 Case study C: Littleton Road Playing Fields – Flood Attenuation Basin in the Irwell Valley, Salford Existing Playing Fields Flood bunds and environmental improvements 1:75 Flood risk protection to Housing market Renewal Area January 2008 floods – the basin protected 6500 homes Increase in investor confidence





32 Case study D: Irwell City Park Cross-boundary (Salford, Trafford, Manchester) Environmental and waterfront improvements New leisure, tourism and business destination GI delivered thro public realm/ greenstreets/ new waterside access Contiguous with Croal Irwell Regional Park Strong brand attractive to investors Good delivery model


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