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Automotive Engines Part 3 (internal Parts).

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1 Automotive Engines Part 3 (internal Parts)

2 Internal Parts of Block

3 Internal Parts of Block
Crankshaft – converts linear motion to rotational motion Made from cast iron or forged steel Cast iron = cheap Forged Steel = strong

4 Crankshaft Purple – PTO Flange Red – Crankpin, Throw, Offset
Blue – Main Yellow – Counterweight Green - Snout

5 Internal Parts of Block
Piston – a cylindrical part fitted in a cylinder transmitting power created by the combusting fuel & air Cast Aluminum – Factory Hypereutectic – Street/Strip Forged – Hi-Perf

6 Piston Blue – Dome Green – Ring Land Red – Skirt Purple – Wrist Pin

7 Internal Parts of Block
Connecting Rod – connects piston to crankshaft I – Beam or H – Beam Cast, Forged, Powdered Metal Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Titanium 7/22

8 Connecting Rod Blue: Big End Green: Small End Red: Bearings 8/22

9 Internal Parts of Block
Camshaft – controls valve movement (Dist. Drive, Fuel Pump) 2. Two Main Types Flat Tappet Solid or Hydraulic Roller Mechanical or Hydraulic 9/22

10 Roller & Flat 12/22

11 Camshaft (Flat) Flat Tappet Lobe: Narrow and “Peaky” 11/22

12 Camshaft (Roller) Roller Lobe: Wide and flat 12/22

13 Tappets – Roller Vs. Flat

14 Flat Tappet (Hydraulic Vs. Solid)

15 Roller Tappet (Hydraulic Vs. Solid)

16 Internal Parts of Block
Timing Chain / Gears – connect crank to cam 16/22

17 Timing Chain / Gears 17/22

18 Internal Parts of Block
Oil Pump – pushes oil throughout engine Gear Type A pair of gears mesh with each other and revolve in a close fitting housing. Oil fed in at one side is carried out round the edge and out the outer side. Rotor Type An inner rotor meshes with the outer one which has one more lobe. Having different axes of rotation the spaces vary in size, causing oil to be drawn in and forced out. 18/22

19 Gear Type 19/22

20 Rotor Type 20/22

21 Internal Parts of Block
Bearings (2 types) Plain Roller Plain type: item rides on a film of oil Three types Mains – allow crank to spin (2 piece) Rods – allow rods to spin (2 piece) Cam – allow cam to spin (1 piece) 21/22

22 Bearings 22 of 22

23 The End

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