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Using Triads In Solo Work

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1 Using Triads In Solo Work
Easier than you think

2 Start with a progression
II V I in C ||: Dm7 | G7 | C Maj7 | : || First analyze the chord tones and scale. For Dm7 use a D Dorian mode as the main scale: D E F G A B C D could number these: D E F G A B C D (2=9),(4=11), and (6+13)

3 For G7 And C Major 7 Scale for G7 is Mixolydian mode: G A B C D E F G
For C Major 7 – C major Scale C D E F G A B C

4 Chord tones Dm7 = D F A C G7 = G B D F C Maj7 = C E G B

5 Application of triads to G7
Major Triads Scale Degrees G 1, 3, 5 C 11, 13, 7 Bb b3, 5, 7 C# #11, 7, 9 E 13, b9, 3 F 7, 9, 11 Minor Triads Scale Degrees Dm 5, 7, 9 Em 13, 1, 3 Am 2, 11, 13 Abm b9, 3, #5 Bbm #9 (b3), 7, b5 Fm 7, b9, 11

6 Dm7 Major Triads Scale Degrees F 3, 5, 7 G 11, 13, 1 Bb #5, 7, 3
Minor Triads Scale Degrees Dm 1, 3, 5 Em 2, 11, 13 Am 5, 7, 9

7 C Major & Major Triads Scale Degrees C 1, 3, 5 G 5, 7, 9 D 9, #11, 13
F 11, 9, 1 B 7. b3, #11 Minor Triads Scale Degrees Bm 7, 9, #11 Em 3, 5, 7 Am 13, 1, 3 Dm 2, 11, 13

8 Inside or Outside Look at each triad. Find where to play them on the guitar and at each of the inversions. For example maybe the E major triad. Try it in 4th position. You can do all 3 inversions there. Now realize the triad mapping can determine inside or outside playing. If the triad has chord tones or mainly chord tones it will sound very inside. If it has only extensions or altered notes it will sound very outside. For each triad against each chord see if it sounds inside or outside.

9 Now playing as progression
Dm7 may want to be very inside with G7 outside and C Maj7 inside. So for Dm7 start with mainly playing a F triad. For G7 try the E triad. For C go to the C triad then move to the D triad to add some spice into it. Try various ways to put this together.

10 Determine which works best for you
I have ones that I really like and use and others that I use very occasionally. Decide which ones to work on then do it. This is a good way to play a bit outside without being extremely outside. Best to do them in a set progression then move on. Works well in jazz, rock, and country soloing.

11 Positions and transpose
Do these in many positions and transpose each one of them to many keys. Most of you will not be here this summer. This is an excellent thing for you to practice over the summer. In the next room go over these!!!!

12 Rest of the term For Final night we won’t have this class!
So class next week. Then prepare to perform. Pair up for performance. Choose something easy to solo to. At least one person learn the melody. Can be something you have done before. Blues works well all the time.

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