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The Inside Edge. Some business truths are universal.

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1 The Inside Edge

2 Some business truths are universal

3 $8.00 earned = $1.00 saved

4 Master the five Cs formula to build your intranets, extranets and online bottom line


6 ollaborate to reate and ontrol onsistent ommunications

7 Intranet Internet Extranet


9 Intranet Extranet website

10 Intranet The audience – employees The assumption – they are family The result -


12 Intranet Number of employees using poor Intranets X 25 minutes wasted daily = A $1 trillion annual business loss

13 employees suppliers customers business partners internal departments remote offices Eliminate duplications of effort Capture expert knowledge for all to share Increase productivity Eliminate paper Improve communications Train employees WHO? WHY?

14 ollaborate to reate and ontrol onsistent ommunications

15 WHO? Internal employees External suppliers CustomersConsultants ollaborate

16 HOW? Multi level logins Check in/out procedures Bulletin boards Calendar/task managers ollaborate Document management systems

17 HOW? Content Management Systems Internet Access capabilities reate

18 WHAT? Document files (Word, PDF) Streaming media Executable files Pictures (jpeg, gif) Databases reate Live chats or on demand webcasts

19 ontrol HOW? Simple administration tools Single/Multi-level logins Posting permissions Moderated forums

20 ontrol WHO? Security Administrators Content Editors Moderators Corporate Owner

21 WHAT? Posting rules including who, when, and how to Who reviews posts for accuracy, policy, etc. Types of allowable information onsistent

22 WHAT? Clear navigation rules Preformatted text box content areas Style rules for each document type Standardized instructions onsistent

23 WHAT? Training tools Misc. forms, etc. Latest company news Department updates Shared solutions ommunications

24 WHO? Department news written by that department Encourage subject matter experts to contribute Encourage cross department questions/dialogues Provide user feedback options ommunications

25 Extranet

26 Extranet

27 Visit m m To find an Internet Consultant near you

28 The Inside Edge

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