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English I Shannon Hayes Elements of the Short Story.

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2 English I Shannon Hayes Elements of the Short Story

3 500 400 300 200 100 WhateverPoint of View Direct or Indirect CharactersPlot

4 Categories These are the events leading to the climax. Plot 100

5 Categories Plot--100 What is rising action?

6 Categories Plot 200 Action that occurs as a result of the climax.

7 Categories What is falling action? Plot-200

8 Categories Plot--300 This the point in the story when you are going to find out the outcome of the conflict—also the emotional high point.

9 Categories Plot 300 What is the climax?

10 Categories Outcome of the conflict—i.e. they lived happily ever after Plot –400

11 Categories What is resolution? Plot-400

12 Categories This is the background information— exposing you to characters and setting. Plot--500

13 Categories What is exposition? Plot-500

14 Categories This is the main character. Characters-100

15 Categories Characters 100 What is protagonist?

16 Categories Characters 200 This is a character with many different traits—one who you know a lot about.

17 Categories What is a round character? Characters--200

18 Categories Characters-300 This is a character who undergoes a change.

19 Categories Characters 300 What is a dynamic character?

20 Categories This is a character with one defining trait. Characters 400

21 Categories What is a flat character? Characters 400

22 Categories This is the character that is opposite the main character. Characters--500

23 Categories What is the antagonist? Characters 500

24 Categories Direct or Indirect 100 A description from the narrator

25 Categories Direct or Indirect 100 What is direct?

26 Categories Speech and Actions of the characters Direct or Indirect 200

27 Categories What is indirect? Indirect or direct 200

28 Categories He has brown hair with a bit of a cowlick. Direct or indirect 300

29 Categories Direct or Indirect 300 What is direct?

30 Categories Direct or Indirect 400 Dr. Stroud exclaimed, “Be quiet!”

31 Categories What is indirect? Direct or Indirect 400

32 Categories The man quietly placed $10 in the man’s cup. Direct or Indirect

33 Categories What is indirect? Direct or Indirect 500

34 Categories POV 100 The point of view refers to the relationship of this to the story.

35 Categories POV 100 What is the narrator?

36 Categories This narrator is always a character in the story. POV 200

37 Categories What is a first-person narrator? POV 200

38 Categories POV 300 This narrator is outside of the story but focuses on thoughts of one character.

39 Categories POV 300 What is a third-person limited narrator?

40 Categories This type of narrator can focus on many characters’ thoughts and feelings. POV 400

41 Categories What is a third-person omniscient narrator? POV 400

42 Categories This is what it is called when the narrator moves from one character to another. POV 500

43 Categories What is a point of view shift? POV 500

44 Categories This is the time and place of the story. Whatever 100

45 Categories Whatever 100 What is setting?

46 Categories Whatever 200 This is a struggle between opposing forces.

47 Categories What is conflict? Whatever 200

48 Categories Whatever 300 This is the author’s attitude toward characters or subject.

49 Categories Whatever 300 What is tone?

50 Categories Generally speaking, this is the “unexpected”. Whatever 400

51 Categories What is irony? Whatever 400

52 Categories This is a choice that is neither right nor wrong. Both choices can be equally right. \ Whatever 500

53 Categories What is a moral or ethical dilemma? Whatever 500

54 Categories Good Luck on Your Quiz!!

55 Categories The Daily Double

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