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A Shift in Communication Through Emerging Technologies.

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2 A Shift in Communication Through Emerging Technologies

3 David Jensen, CMM 10 + years in the marine industry –Operations, Sales and Marketing Currently VP Marketing @ Allen Roche Marine –Working with: Boston Whaler, Tiara Yachts, Flagship Marinas and over 20% of BI Top 100 dealers Technology junkie Fly-fisherman

4 A Shift in Communication Through Emerging Technologies The Changing communication landscape Three-quarters (73%) of U.S. adults text and 83% of U.S. adults are mobile phone owners… 31% of adults would choose a text message… (Pew Research Centers Internet and American Life Project, 2011) More than 33.3 million U.S. consumers already engage in shopping- related activities on their mobile phones, 7%, or 2.3 million, of those consumers have made a purchase on their devices… ( Source: research firm Experian Simmons, 2011 Mobile Consumer Report) 53% of the on-the-go U.S. audience is willing to exchange their location in exchange for more relevant content and better information, including mobile deals (Source: JiWire, 2011) Gen X constitutes the largest online video audience. eMarketer forecasts that 74.2.% of Gen X internet users will watch online video at least monthly in 2011, and that percentage is expected to grow to 80% by 2015 (Source: 51% of total US users of Facebook are over the age of 35 Within the 49% of mobile users who have made a mobile purchase in the last six months, 84% look for local retailer information, 82% find online retailers, 73% find a specific manufacturer or product website, 71% learn about a product or service after seeing an ad, 68% find the best price for a product or service, and 63% search before purchasing in a store or from a catalog (Source: Performics 2011 Mobile Search Insights Study, conducted by ROI Research)

5 A Shift in Communication Through Emerging Technologies The Funnel A linear top down model, which is fundamentally based on product information/content being controlled, distributed and presented within the showroom and by a salesperson. Based on consumers starting with a wide view on brands and options and then systematically narrowing these down and eventually choosing one. Post purchase experience was based on use and service experience

6 A Shift in Communication Through Emerging Technologies The Consumer Discovery Journey (CDJ) A dynamic and fluid approach based on a longerconsideration and evaluation process by which many different criteria are considered to include: consumer point of view, reviews, product comparisons, opinions, data, social influences. – This model has a longer evaluation period and focus. Based on the consumer controlling/creating/influencing much of the fact-finding and content creation; particularly having influence on relevance and content quality. Post Purchase experience is based on open-ended engagement with brand/product and online sharing.

7 A Shift in Communication Through Emerging Technologies How to develop a CDJ plan… 1.Interview Customers 2.Gather publicly available data on search activity and traffic patterns 3.Purchase additional multidimensional data as needed 4.Examine your own site data 5.Develop a marketing plan 6.Define what technologies you are going to leverage, the frequency at which you plan to maintain them and set measureable goals/milestones 7.Identify and analyze trends, reevaluate your marketing plan/strategy and adjust accordingly

8 How to identify emerging technologies and fit them to your CDJ plan… Ask these questions: –Has the technology shown up in my analysis of trends, consumer feedback or analytics? –How is this technology different or better then what I am currently doing? –How will this technology educate, entertain and then sell to my viewers? –How will I manage and maintain this new channel? A Shift in Communication Through Emerging Technologies

9 Some tips on emerging technologies... Discovery should be interactive –Leverage multiple media types Communication should be quick and easy –Response by company should be fast Integration of multiple recommendation types Follow a cohesive and consistent marketing strategy and messaging User interface should be simple and customizable to the users preferences Educate, Entertain and then sell (shelf life) A Shift in Communication Through Emerging Technologies

10 Technologies to consider Mobile Web site Mobile Applications (native, web based, hybrid) E-marketing Online Video Social Media Infographics Geo-locational marketing A Shift in Communication Through Emerging Technologies

11 David Jensen Phone: 617-903-8019 E-Mail: Web: Facebook:

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