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How to develop a corruption free society?. Police Dept. I have a quarrel with my neighbor. He made a complaint against me and my son to Police Station.

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1 How to develop a corruption free society?

2 Police Dept. I have a quarrel with my neighbor. He made a complaint against me and my son to Police Station. The concerned police officer threatened me that he could register an offence against me & my son. I was in fear that after arresting me, I will lose my job and my son’s future will be ruined. The police officer asked me to give him Rs.25000/- for each of us, for not recording an offence. I asked him that under which section he was going to register an offence? He got angry and threatened me that if I failed to fulfill his demand, he will surely register an offence and he was not bound to tell me the sections. I am in dilemma- What is more important for me- Future of my son & my job Or Rs.50000/-? What should I do?

3 Revenue I required 7/12 utara of my farm. I visit Talathi office and requested him to give the document. He took a written application from me and asked me to come after 15 days. I did as he said. After 15 days when I went to the office he asked me some documents. Next day I gave him the documents. He avoided to do my work for next 3 months. Later he asked me that don’t I know how to get the work done? And put some bugs under the table? What should I do?

4 Health My mother was suffering from Heart problem. I admitted her in Govt. Hospital. She was in need of urgent surgery. The ward boy asks me to give him Rs.2000/- to manage the doctor for speedy procedure. I don’t have enough money for medication. I requested him to get the work done first. Surgery of my mother was performed successfully. But later on the ward boy asks continuously for Rs.2000/-. What should I do?

5 RTO I am working with a private firm. I went to RTO for license. The procedure was too lengthy. It was not possible for me to spare so much time to visit the RTO office every time. So I hired an agent. He told me that other than his commission and regular fees I will have to pay some extra money to the RTO officer (I wont get receipt of it), otherwise I wont get the license. What should I do?

6 Colleague of same Dept. I am working in a government office. My family is residing in some other city due to education of my daughter who is studying in 12 th. I had made an application to my senior officer requesting him for transfer. But concerned clerk is asking Rs.5000/- for moving the file. I gave him Rs.2000/- as I was really fade up. I was transferred and joined my duty to the new city. But the concerned clerk rings me many times and asks for remaining money. What should I do?

7 Corporation I am a very poor person. My house is in a very bad condition. It needs minor repairing from inside. I am not going to change its structure. This is a common experience that corporation wont give you permission at the earliest. And as I have to do minor repairing, I started the work. But the local corporator asks Rs.10,000/- for not informing corporation about this illegal(?) work. He assured me that he will manage everything after getting the amount. The Mukadam of corporation is always seen with him. So I better know that he could do it. What should I do?

8 Women & child welfare dept. This is a very shameful story. We are Adiwasis. My daughter was victim of a rape. The case was registered. One day we were called by Protection officer of Women and Child welfare department. He told us that we could get Rs.3,00,000/- under ‘Manodhairya Yojana’. He filled some forms and took thumb of my daughter. And later on he demanded us 20% of the amount in advance. What should I do?

9 Excise dept. I am a businessman. I have my own wine Shop and one gift Shoppe too. Some excise officer do visit my wine shop and then went to another gift Shoppe too. They always threatened me that my license of wine shop will not be renewed. They always used to pick up anything from any of my shop. Or sometimes they use to pay me very little for it. And now they are asking me to give each of them a laptop on the occasion of Diwali. What should I do?

10 BMC, Fire Brigade,PWD I am a builder. I have to start my work on my new sight. I need ‘No objection certificate’ from various departments like BMC, fire brigade, PWD etc. But some officers from various departments are asking me flats in concessional rate. It is not affordable for me. What should I do?

11 Educational Institute I am a parent. I want to take admission of my son in the college. The college is government aided. The institution is asking me Rs.50,000/-. They are not giving me its receipt. If I won’t give the money, my son won’t get the admission. What should I do?

12 Registration Department I purchased a flat. I went to registration office for its registration. I requested the concerned officer to calculate to stamp duty and registration fee and to tell me the procedure. He insisted me to hire an agent. I show my reluctance. Later for many days he harassed me- sometimes by saying that my papers are not proper, sometimes for giving me token number. At last he asked me Rs.7,500/- for ignoring minor mistakes in my papers and giving me token number. He says that this is their fix rate. What should I do?

13 DOs and DONTs Don’t ever pay bribe immediately as demanded by the government officer or the middleman. Ask him to give you ample time for arrangement of money. Just do the very first thing to contact ACB on toll free number 1064. Don’t discuss with anyone that you are going to lay a ACB trap. Don’t enter into fight with the person asking for money.

14 ACB’s presence is everywhere in each district. In Mumbai you can contact ACB by the following ways- Toll free no.1800222021 or 1064 Landline no. 022 24921212 ACB coordinates- Contact ACB this way E mail You can also lodge online complaint on official website & on official facebook page

15 The person asking for bribe is a government servant. or He is a private person asking for bribe on behalf of the government servant or to impress him to get the work done. He is asking the bribe for doing the legal work or as he has done the legal work, which he was bound to do officially (without any money). Common things in the above scenario

16 Things to remember Make sure that- Name and designation of the person asking for money. whether he is a government servant or tout? The amount he is asking is not a legal fee and you are not getting its receipt.

17 Bribe means any remuneration demanded to you for doing your work or after the work is done. The amount does not entitle to legal fee. Don’t ever think that Bribe can be demanded only in form of money. Bribe can be demanded in form of any valuable thing also What is bribe

18 For favoring you to get your legal work done. (Bribe can be demanded by an act of commission or omission.) To influence public servant for doing your work. As a reward for your work has been done. Bribe can be demanded for For not doing any official act.

19 Bribe can be demanded by A public servant. A person expecting to be a public servant. Middleman, agent or tout.

20 Offences related to ACB Demand of bribe. Acceptance of bribe. Abetment for demanding or accepting bribe. Obtaining pecuniary advantage by abusing of official position. Holding property which is disproportionate to his known and legal income sources.

21 What if ACB could not trap a corrupt public servant? ACB could make enquiry and register an offence against a government servant, whose property is disproportionate to his legal source of income. If you know the details of property of any corrupt public servant you may inform ACB about it. Behind that if you are aware of some illegal corrupt practices of any government office you may inform ACB about that also.

22 Some important sections of Prevention of Corruption Act,1988. Sec.7- Demand & acceptance of bribe. Sec.8-Touting- Receiving bribe to influence public servant by illegal acts and get the work done. Sec.9-Middleman- Receiving bribe by exercise of personal influence with public servant to get the work done. Sec.10-Abetment to Sec. 9 & 10 (Demanding or receiving bribe through touts and middleman) Sec.11- receiving valuable things free of cost or for nominal cost. Sec.12-Abetment to sec.7 & 11.(Bribe giving) Sec.13(1)(d)-Dishonest misuse of office post/facilities causing loss to govt. or gain to public servant or other person. Sec.13(1)(d)-Assets expenditure much more than lawful income or possession of disproportionate assets.

23 ‘REVERSE TRAP’ Don’t get confused. Do you ever heard ‘To accept and to pay bribe- both are crime’? If you are a government servant and somebody is offering bribe to you, you may make a complaint against him to ACB. Dos & Don’ts for Reverse Trap Don’t get angry with the person and debate with him who is offering you money. Ask him to let you think about the offer. Contact ACB immediately.

24 ‘Say NO to corruption’

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