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INTRODUCES (1st Licensee site) Today’s Buyer is Tomorrow’s Seller and Every Seller is a FSBO.

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1 INTRODUCES (1st Licensee site) Today’s Buyer is Tomorrow’s Seller and Every Seller is a FSBO

2 JABIN Software Quick Reference PG M ISSION S TATEMENT 1 Who is JABIN Software2 Business Model3 W HAT IS A FSBO4 THE I GO FSBO SYSTEM What is the iGOfsbo System5 Corporate Home Page6 END USER SOLUTION WHO is an iGOfsbo User7 WHY iGOfsbo- SELLER8 WHY iGOfsbo- BUYER9 HOW Buyer & Seller Benefits10 PG END USER SOLUTION (cont.) WHO is an iGOfsbo LICENSEE11 LICENSEE Home Page12 M Y O PEN H OUSE ANYTIME13 C ALL T O A CTION 14 CONTACT I NFORMATION 15

3 JABIN Software Mission Statement Blending technology and the human touch to network Buyers & Sellers using an affordable online platform that encourages confidence, efficiency, transparency, and security to address the needs and interests of all users. 1

4 WHO is JABIN Software? JABIN Software is a leading edge sales and marketing/media proprietary software company. JABIN Software endorses a “Consumer Centric” transaction model. JABIN Software has developed and deployed 3 supporting online real estate platforms- 1. the Corporate site 2. Licensee website template- “Powered by iGOfsbo” 3. 2


6 What is a FSBO? FSBO (fizzbo) or For Sale By Owner is the process of selling real estate without the representation of a real estate broker. Homeowners typically market their own property, do not pay a commission, and represent themselves with the help of their own attorney. FSBO FACTS: – 90% of all Home Buyers start their home search on the internet – FSBO’s are typically on the market for less time than Traditional agent assisted Homes. – 10% or 456K homes a year (on average) sell FSBO. – 2 in 5 Sellers use FSBO to avoid paying a real estate commission. 4

7 What is the iGOfsbo System? It is an end user solution for Sellers, Buyers and the iGOfsbo Licensee. It is the Evolution of Real Estate Sales and represents the greatest real estate model enhancement in the last 40 years. “iGO” implies the modern age of the internet and “fsbo” is the acronym For Sale By Owner. It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that marries Technology and the Human Touch supported by an iGOfsbo Licensee to transact real estate online- from creating a listing to making an offer- without ever paying a real estate commission. Sellers can LIST, POST, NEGOTIATE and SELL and Buyers can SEARCH, VIEW, NEGOTIATE and BUY real estate online. The platform is transparent, secure and cost effective. The iGOfsbo system employs the patent pending software system of the 4 Core Elements + 1. The 4 Core Elements +1 are: 1.the iGOfsbo Passbook, 2.the Seller’s Timeline, 3.the Seller’s Parameter, 4.the Proprietary Offer Protocol (POP) process, and the +1 of the premier online video website located at 5

8 Corporate HomePage 6

9 WHO is an iGOfsbo USER? An end USER is a Seller, a Buyer and Licensee. SELLER- a consumer that embraces technology and is eager to maximize home equity (profit), wants to reduce transaction costs, decrease Days on Market (DOM), streamline the Sales process and maintain control. BUYER- a consumer that embraces technology and is eager to save money, “Buy with Confidence”, seeks efficiency, demands transparency and wants to stay in control. LICENSEE- a Real Estate Entrepreneur (R.E.E.) or Real Estate Professional (R.E.P) that subscribes to the technology and human touch of the iGOfsbo system to deliver a higher level of service that is more cost effective and efficient. 7

10 Why iGOfsbo? ( for SELLER) Platform will put more $ in the Seller’s pocket. Fixed FEE. Applies state of the art Marketing & Technology. 4 Core Elements +1. Competitive Advantage. High Level of Service (LOS) and Attention. Easy to Use system for the 1 st x Home Seller. Seller is in CONTROL. 8

11 Why iGOfsbo? ( for BUYER) It’s FREE. No Commission. Private and Secure. Transaction Transparency. iGOfsbo PassBook – a.k.a. the Seller’s Home Diary. An electronic report that provides full listing disclosure and information- Empowering a Buyer and increasing Confidence. Proprietary Offer Protocol (POP)- grants qualified Buyers the ability to make secure private offers online- streamlines negotiations, removes emotions, and there is no delay Buyer knows instantly if their offer is accepted. Ideal system for all Home Buyers. Buyer is in CONTROL. 9

12 How A Buyer and Seller Benefit Buyer and Seller never pay a commission. The iGOfsbo system offers incredible RECOGNIZED SAVINGS (see above). iGOfsbo is a Fixed FEE system that is paid by the Seller. Seller preserves the appreciation and equity in their home. Buyer is assured they are paying just enough for a home. Unlike the Traditional model a commission is not factored into the sales price of the home. The iGOfsbo system is affordable, secure, efficient, and transparent for the benefit of both the Seller and Buyer. 10

13 Who is an iGOfsbo LICENSEE? A vetted and authorized individual or company that holds the right to deploy the iGOfsbo system’s 4 Core Elements +1. All Licensees operate as an independent business, autonomous from JABIN Software, LLC. Licensees are Real Estate Entrepreneurs (R.E.E.) or Real Estate Professionals (R.E.P.) R.E.E.- supports software only; good for individuals that have not acquired a state real estate license. R.E.P.- supports software and real estate transaction. Provides a turnkey operation for existing or new real estate agent/broker. Works as an excellent Lead Generator for a real estate attorney, loan originator or developer. Makes “Matches that Happen” between Buyers and Sellers. Career Professional. 11

14 Licensee HomePage Template 12

15 What is “VIEW OPEN HOUSE VIDEOS ALL DAY, EVERY DAY” A novel video online website solely designed to showcase videos and pictures of property For Sale or Rent. SELLERS-a free listing video platform and powerful Marketing tool. BUYERS- a free convenient service for busy Buyers that want to tour open houses on their time- not just on Sunday’s anymore. LICENSEE- a free robust Lead Generator. It’s your silent partner always working for you 24/7/365. 13

16 Call to Action Join in the Evolution of Real Estate. Register Now and unlock all the tools of the iGOfsbo system. Be one of the possible 5 million consumers this year that will make Matches that Happen with a Licensee “Powered by iGOfsbo”. 14

17 Additional Information OUR WEBSITES: Corporate portal Listing aggregator YOUR Licensee Multimedia focused listing aggregator CONTACT US: JABIN Software, LLC. 11 Summer Street, Suite 8, Chelmsford, MA 01824 Email: 978.250.FSBO (3726) 855.890.FSBO (3726) 15

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