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Sanders Elementary After School Program (ASP).  The After School Program provides a safe, friendly, fun, and caring environment.  It is self-supporting.

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1 Sanders Elementary After School Program (ASP)

2  The After School Program provides a safe, friendly, fun, and caring environment.  It is self-supporting.  ASP receives no support from taxpayer funds for its operation.  Daily fees provide funds for the salaries of the ASP employees, supplies, snacks/refreshments, utilities, and indirect operational costs. About

3 Hours of Operation Operates on the days that school is in session beginning with the first day of school from 2:30 p.m. until 6:00 p.m.

4 Registration  ASP charges a $10 non-refundable annual registration fee per student, district-wide.  This registration fee follows the student if he/she is transferred to another Cobb County School District school within the same school year.

5 Cost of Attendance  Charges a daily fee of $7 per student that is present at the time attendance is taken.  Charges a late fee of $1 per minute per student after 6:00 p.m. until the time the student is picked up.  Total of (3) late pick-ups will result in the student’s termination from the program.

6 Cost of Attendance (per student)

7 Pre-Paid Program Policy  Payment is due the first day and every day the student attends each week.  A credit will be applied whenever a student does not attend on a day for which payment has already been made.  Payments one day past due will result in termination from the program. This policy will be strictly enforced.  It is suggested payments be made weekly or monthly rather than daily.

8 Pre-Paid Program Policy  Payments should be enclosed in the ASP envelope provided for your convenience.  If you use the program on a drop-in basis, you may send payments in an envelope to the child’s classroom teacher, marked ASP. Payment is due the day your child attends the program.  All payments must be made in the morning before 9:00 a.m.  A statement will be available at the ASP desk at the end of each month. Statements not picked up will be sent home with your child.

9 Payment Options  Payments can be made:  At the school via:  Cash  Check  Online using Debit/Credit Card via:  MyPaymentPlus website  Payments may not be made using the MyPaymentPlus iApp on the iPhone or iPad.

10 To make payments online via MyPaymentPlus visit:

11 Click Here


13 Returned Check Policy  A “returned check” because of insufficient funds is considered a late payment.  Two returned checks will result in “cash payment only” for the remainder of the school year.

14 Picking up Your Student  To pick up your child from the After School Program, go to the back of the school near the cafeteria.  Use the driveway entrance to the Bus Port.  The ASP staff person at the desk will call for your child to meet you there.  Children must be signed out by an authorized person.  Only those persons listed on your registration card will be allowed to pick up your child.  We will strictly adhere to this policy. Should you desire to add or delete names, send in a note to the After School Program or make the changes when you pick up your child.  Please be prepared to show proper identification (photo I.D.) and provide your signature.

15 Program Activities Schedule, Snack, & Behavior

16 Schedule  2:30 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.  Student Check In/Roll call  2:50 p.m. to 3:10 p.m.  Snack Time  3:10 p.m. to 3:25 p.m.  Restroom Break  3:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.  Enrichment  4:45 p.m. to 6 p.m.  Homework for grades 2 nd through 5 th

17 Snack  Healthy snacks are served every day. Snacks such as:  Graham Crackers  Juice  Fish crackers  Visit the website for complete snack menu.  Snacks provided for students with special dietary needs.  For more information, contact the school’s cafeteria manager.

18 Enrichment

19  Activities include:  Arts and Crafts  Board Games  Dance  Xbox  Fun Workouts  Outdoor Play  Kickball  Basketball  Group Parachute  Relay Race  Fun Fridays  Popcorn and a Movie

20 Behavior Expectations  The following is a list of our general expectations for each student’s behavior: 1. Respect shown to other students and adults 2. Ability to follow directions 3. Ability to sit quietly during roll call 4. Appropriate behavior AT ALL TIMES  Minor problems will be handled using methods similar to those used in the classroom such as time out and taking away privileges. More serious incidents will be recorded on a discipline form for parent signature. This is called a “write-up”.  The problem will be discussed with the child and appropriate behavior will be pointed out to him/her by the ASP Director.

21 Behavior Incidents  Serious incidents which will results in a “write-up” include:  Fighting  Hurting another child  Throwing rocks, sticks, dirt, etc.  Disobeying staff members  Disrespect  Inappropriate language - profanity  Damaging or destroying school property  Leaving a supervised area without permission

22 Behavior Consequences  Because we want our program to be a positive environment for your child and all children who attend, we have developed the following consequences if the rules are not followed:  First Write-Up: 1. The Director will speak to the parent at pick-up time and explain the problem. The parent will sign the discipline form.  Second Write-Up: 2. Same as #1.  Third Write-Up: 3. Same as #1 and #2, and the child will be suspended from the program.

23 Behavior Consequences  Please keep in mind that the After School Program may not be an appropriate place for all children. We reserve the right to dismiss a child from the program permanently if he/she displays an inability to follow the rules and repeatedly engages in disruptive behavior which causes distress to other children.  Please discuss these behaviors and discipline guidelines with your child. Your cooperation and support is requested in order to maintain a happy and safe environment for your child.

24 Additional Information Schedule Changes, Emergencies, School Closing

25 Schedule Changes  Any time your child varies from his/her pre-determined schedule in ASP, please send in two notes--one to your child’s teacher and one to ASP. This keeps everyone informed of any changes or plans.  This is extremely important for your child’s protection.  Notes involving changes need to be received by the teacher(s) first thing in the morning.  If you pick up your child early from school on a day they are expected to attend ASP, please inform the child’s teacher via the front office concerning the change.  It is the responsibility of the parent and child to make sure that the child knows what to do concerning ASP – the classroom teacher knows only if he/she has received a note from the parent.

26 Emergencies  If an emergency occurs during school hours and your child’s schedule needs to be changed, please call the school (770-819-2568) by 1:45 p.m. Report this change to the school’s secretary.  The homeroom teacher and ASP need to be notified of the change. Changes by phone are to only be made because of an EMERGENCY.  Do not leave a message on the voice mail. We cannot assure that late messages will be heard before dismissal.  A FAX message by 1:45 p.m. is most helpful (770-819-2570) so we have the message in writing.  Repeated requests to make changes for the same child will be addressed through conversation with the Principal and ASP Director.  Plans for changes need to be made between parent and child before the school day starts. This helps provide security and confidence for the child.

27 School Closing and Inclement Weather  If the school ever closes because of inclement weather or for any other reason, we need to know what you want your child to do.  Make sure this information is in your child’s classroom records. We will automatically send the child home on the bus, unless you indicate otherwise on classroom records.  Remember: When the school is closed, ASP is closed ( i.e. holidays, weekends, and teacher work days).

28 Thank you for continued support of the Sanders Elementary After School Program!

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