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VIRUN ® How to be a wizard By: Philip Bromley CEO, VIRUN, Inc. Cal Poly Pomona, Biotechnology.

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2 VIRUN ® How to be a wizard By: Philip Bromley CEO, VIRUN, Inc. Cal Poly Pomona, Biotechnology

3 How to be a Wizard… Creativity and Invention Entrepreneurship Gives us Freedom to Invent & Capitalize on our Invention Entrepreneurship through invention and “The Business” VIRUN – proof of concept

4 Unlike Gandolph-the-Great or Merlin, most of us have to work at being a wizard… …once you are able to harness the magic of science and the wizardry of innovation, nothing can stop you from success.

5 Creativity and innovation through science stem from multiple factors: A.Academic, University and our Professors/teachers a.You can not invent something without learning the fundamentals B.Research and Development b.There is a reason “Re” is a prefix for the word “Research,” we learn from trial and error and research is the key fundamental. C.Science is learned but is also an art c. How do you learn to invent something if it has not yet been invented?

6 Albert Einstein said: “if the facts don’t fit the theory, then change the theory”

7 Music Science Literature Art Math Understanding that not everything can be solved by a mathematical equation is important when doing research and development. IT’s STILL NECESSARY, but nonetheless important to understand that sometimes science cannot be explained by means of 2 + 2 =4, sometimes 2 + 2 = 5. This is when creativity becomes our asset. Instances where creativity becomes necessary, we have to rely on intuition or trial and error. Sometimes we have to see what is not there. Creativity can be influenced by many things: Unique experiences, being different, art and music all play a role in broadening our creative thinking.

8 The art of science…. Innovation-killer is looking at everything for what it is and not what it could be or what is beyond the obvious…. Rose Rose Petal Rose Petal Under Stereo Microscope


10 Prediction based on science and math- fundamentals combined with the art-of-science enable beauty to reveal itself which then can lead to invention

11 When Creativity Becomes Our Asset… …Entrepreneuriship is Born

12 Steps to Success ⌠⌡ entrepreneurship ⌠⌡ invent ⌠⌡ r & d ⌠⌡ learn

13 Me San Diego State University 1997 - 2001 General Chemistry R&D in the Pharmaceutical Industry – Liposomal encapsulation, viral transvection, protien ligand augmentation Co-founded VIRUN in 2003

14 VIRUN Established 2003 Biotechnology company in the areas of drug delivery and food-beverage technology. 35 employees 45 patents and patents pending world-wide

15 VIRUN is an acronym for virus-immune o 2003, VIRUN formed as a drug delivery biotech company. o 2004, VIRUN patented the first oral anti-viral patent using Tf (Transferrins) linked to proteins and naïve compounds MAPD (Mucosal Adhesive penetrating drugs). Highest oral bioavailability of human insulin compared to i.v. injection o 2005, VIRUN develops nanotechnology utilizing novel Diester Tocopherol/yl bound Succinic Acid Polymers (DPtechnology – direct precision). Produce on average 5-35nm particle size micelles based on dilution. Increased oral bioavailability, however Tocopheryl Polyethylene Glycol Succinate (TPGS) does not absorb into blood plasma so shelved project. o 2007, VIRUN develops nanotechnology for food, beverages and supplements. Food-beverage Industry demanded encapsulation technology that does not absorb into blood plasma such as Polysorbates - revived DPtechnology using Tocopherol/yl Polymer (TPGS). Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) determination with the FDA. European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) opinion from Europe. EFSA concludes TPGS from polymer does not significantly absorb into blood plasma thereby creating a new, safe and clean label claim encapsulation technology for food.

16 MAPD Patent numbers 8,414,914 8,252,323 & 7,906,140 o VIRUN’s MAPD binds iron loaded transferrin (Holo-Tf) to drugs that have poor oral bioavailability. o The Tf-drug binds to Lipo Receptor Proteins (LRP’s) outside the gut cell membrane and then transverses the cell into the lymphatics delivering the drug into blood plasma. o Lactotransferrin is used for oral delivery and Serum Transferrin is used for further cell targeting within blood plasma, such as targeting tumor sites or crossing the blood brain barrier (BBB). Transferrin (Transfers Fe)

17 Nature designed it…. ….we followed it….

18 Your body converts Omega-3 EPA and DHA as well as other non polar compounds into micelles so they can absorb Improving BIOAVAILABILITY …micelles in the range of 10 – 20nm can pass through the brush boarder membranes of your gut mucosa increasing the oral bioavailability of non polar compounds compared to the non polar compound itself. Therefore, encapsulating into micelles prior to ingestion can improve the oral bioavailability of non polar compounds.

19 1micron particle size 10nm particle size nanotechnology o Micelles are composed of a single lipid monolayer comprised of a surfactant, such as Vitamin E Succinate Diester, and water…. o VIRUN utilizes natural micelles to encapsulate non polar (fat soluble) compounds within the micelle layer. o The outer shell of the micelle is polar leaving the inner layer non polar. This allows the micelle carrying the non polar (fat soluble) compound, such as omega-3 EPA DHA oil, to dissolve clear into water with reduced particle size A surfactant, in short, is an amphiphillic molecule that is both Polar (fat insoluble) and non-polar (fat soluble). Encapsulating a fat soluble compound inside the micelle allows it to dissolve into water. In some instances, clear

20 VIRUN encapsulates non polar (fat soluble) compounds, Omega-3 EPA DHA, CoQ10, Vitamins A, D and E to be better absorbed in the body and also be stable in food and beverage applications. Also, using naturally derived Vitamin E as the emulsifier, we can add natural flavors and colors, such as encapsulating Curcumin (orange color), Beta Carotene (red color) and other non polar (fat soluble) compounds into foods and beverages.



23 VIRUN ® How to be a wizard By: Philip Bromley CEO, VIRUN, Inc. Cal Poly Pomona, Biotechnology

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