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X-Rays in Medicine.

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1 X-Rays in Medicine

2 Discovery of X-Rays -Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen-1895
-Electrical discharges in a vacuum tube -Caused a phosphoric screen to fluoresce -Formed an image of bone -First x-ray photograph of wife’s hand/ring


4 X-rays in Medicine One year later British doctors were already using x- ray imaging. Prolonged exposure to x-rays caused tissue burns. Wounds were abnormal- took time before appearing.


6 PHOTONS -The energy of a light-wave is carried by packets called photons -The energy of a photon depends on the light’s wavelength -Smaller wavelengths have larger energies

7 Photon energies are usually given in units of electron volts (eV)
ENERGY Photon energies are usually given in units of electron volts (eV) 1 eV = 1.602x10-19 Joules Need 56,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000 eV to cook an egg.

8 X-Ray Tube

9 X-Ray Tube

10 X-Ray Tube

11 X-Ray Tube X-ray tube consists of the following major parts
1- Filament: made from tungsten wire which is heated electrically at a potential difference of 8 to 12 V to a high temperature so that electrons ‘boiled off’ from its surface. These electrons form the tube beam. The filament is located within a negatively charged nickel cathode which is shaped so that a precise beam geometry is obtained.

12 X-Ray Tube 2- Cathode: this houses the filament and is manufactured from nickel . The filament is located within a cup having sharp contoured edges which electrostatically focus the electron beam. The cathode cup is independently supplied with a high negative voltage 3- Anode: is manufacture from tungsten (high melting metal). Dental units and small mobile X-ray units use stationary or fixed anode design. The most efficient design however uses a rotating-disk anode which enables higher X-ray output owing to more effective cooling.

13 Rotary X-Ray Tube

14 Diagnostic X-Ray Spectra

15 Therapeutic X-Ray Spectra

16 X-ray Image Two Forks, Ball pin, and teeth brush in the intestine

17 X-Ray image of a Gun

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