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1 Secure Payment Systems iPhone Processing

2 Login Screen The Username provided by SPS is secure – only one login is permitted per phone, and only one phone is permitted per account.

3 Main Menu Selecting Deposit begins a transaction. Selecting Review allows previous transactions to be viewed.

4 Amount Entry Entry of the amount is required before proceeding. Entry is done using the keys on the touch screen.

5 Amount Entry Pressing the “C” key will clear the entry. Pressing the “Cancel” key will return to the Menu Screen. To continue with the transaction, press “Enter”.

6 Front Side Imaging Centering the face of the check in the screen with all four sides and corners visible, the image is recorded using the “Camera” key on the touch screen.

7 Check Imaging An audible “click” sound and the closing of virtual shutters shows that imaging is in process.

8 Back Imaging Centering the back of the check in the screen with all four sides and corners visible, the image is recorded using the “Camera” key on the touch screen.

9 Additional Fields Touching the item will select the data to be entered. Five fields are required for Guarantee service, while Verification only requires on Check Number and Phone Number. The identification fields will not appear.

10 Check Number Entry The Check Number is entered using the keys on the touch screen. Pressing “Done” when complete returns to the Additional Fields Screen.

11 Additional Fields The State may be entered using the standard postal abbreviation (in either upper or lower case) …

12 Additional Fields …or the familiar numeric code, reducing confusion for users familiar with SPS Check service.

13 Additional Fields Information entered is displayed on the Additional Fields menu to make visual confirmation of the information simple. When completed, pressing “Save” sends the information to SPS.

14 Transmission An active animation lets the user know that processing is underway.

15 Success! The process is complete when the upload is successful.

16 Review Screen Selecting “Review” from the Main Menu will cause the most recent transactions to be displayed. Each may be individually selected for a more detailed view.

17 Details Screen The Details screen shows the status of the transaction, including the Approval Code, Item Number, and the Batch ID Number. Selecting either of the “Front” or “Back” buttons will display the images for the transaction.

18 Details - Image The images displayed from the Details screen are seen as they have been “cleaned” by the Host computer. Any distortion has been removed and the check image “straightened”.

19 Secure Payment Systems PH: 888.313.7842 iPhone Processing

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