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Stem-Changing Verbs: There are 3 categories

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1 Stem-Changing Verbs: There are 3 categories
O -> UE E -> IE E -> I The stem of a verb is found Dropping the ending What’s left is called the “stem”

2 When conjugating the verb there is a spelling change in the “stem”
(O -> UE, E -> IE or E -> I) The spelling change normally happens in ALL subject forms except the Nosotros and Vosotros forms * If you were to outline the stem-changing forms, the outline resembles a boot, or a shoe, hence the nickname “boot”/“shoe” verbs.

3 Look at the following examples:
O -> UE

4 PODER podemos pUEdo podéis pUEdes pUEde pUEden

5 JUGAR jugamos jUEgo jugáis jUEgas jUEgan jUEga

6 COSTAR cUEsta cUEstan

7 E -> IE

8 PREFERIR preferimos prefIEro preferís prefIEres prefIEren prefIEre

9 QUERER queremos quIEro queréis quIEres quIEren quIEre

10 E -> I

11 repIto repItes repIten
REPETIR repetimos repIto repetís repItes repIten repIte All boot and shoe pictures from Microsoft Office Clip art Gallery

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