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By Brittany Salikin And Tessa Hansen

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1 By Brittany Salikin And Tessa Hansen
Colour Agreement By Brittany Salikin And Tessa Hansen

2 Colours are adjectives
We use colours to describe various things Colours always come after the word that they describe Examples: Un livre rouge (A red book) Un cahier violet (A purple notebook) Un gomme blanc ( A white eraser)

3 If what is described is masculine, the color will be masculine.
If what is described is feminine, then the color will become feminine as well. Masculine Feminine Un livre violet Une livre violete Un gomme vert Une gomme verte

4 Making colors feminine
Most colors take an e in the feminine form except marron and chocolat. This is also the case for two-word colours such as bleu-marine(navy blue), vert-pale( light green). Those already ending in e in the masculine form do not change in the feminine. The one except is blanc. This changes to blanche not blance.

5 Making colours plural When the thing described is plural, the colour becomes plural as well. Marron and orange never change!!! un tableau blanc des tableaux blancs une porte blanche des portes blanches

6 Questions 1.Quelle est la couleur? gris 2.Quelle est la couleur? Noir 3.Quelle est la couleur? Jaune 4.Quelle est la couleur? rose

7 Questions part 2 Put the words in the correct order and translate
1.Violet un cahier 2.Un bleu portable 3.Un rose stylo 4.Rouge livre un 5.Orange un crayon

8 Questions part 3

9 Questions part 4


11 Thanks for watching!!

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