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Jeopardy Earth –A Home for Life

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1 Jeopardy 100 200 300 400 500 Earth –A Home for Life
Vocabulary Earth –A Home for Life Species Change over Time Evidence for Evolution Random Facts Metric System 100 200 300 400 500 Final Jeopardy

2 What is a fossil? Vocabulary 100
The remains of organisms preserved in the earth. What is a fossil?

3 What is a vestigial organ?
Vocabulary 200 A reduced and unused physical structure in an organism, which was more developed in an earlier group of organisms. What is a vestigial organ?

4 What is speciation? Vocabulary 300
A population of a species becomes physically separated into two populations for a period of time. Later these populations come together and are not able to breed. This is an example of__________. What is speciation?

5 What is natural selection?
Vocabulary 400 This caused the forelimb adaptations represented by structures B, C, and D. What is natural selection?

6 What is a gene? Vocabulary 500
A segment or section of DNA that relates to a specific trait or function of an organism. What is a gene?

7 Earth –A Home for Life 100 The correct order that mammals, insects and reptiles appeared on land. What is insects, reptiles, and mammals?

8 Earth –A Home for Life 200 The first multicellular organisms to live on land appeared this many years ago. 500 million B. 3.8 billion 1.2 million D. 1.2 billion What is A – 500 million.

9 Earth –A Home for Life 300 During the Permian Extinction, about _______ of the species living in the ocean became extinct. 90% C. 50% 10% D. 1% What is A. 90%?

10 Earth –A Home for Life 400 Scientists think that this is what caused the Permian extinction 250 million years ago and how and why it may have happened. What is what is the Earth’s land masses joining together causing 90% of the species in the ocean and many land dwelling animals to die ? The formation of one big continent changed the climate and conditions in the ocean.

11 Earth –A Home for Life 500 This is when, why and how scientists think the Cretaceous extinction happened and what disappeared. What is 65 million years ago scientists think that an asteroid hit the Earth which caused a climate change and the dinosaurs disappeared? After the dinosaurs died out, many new mammals began appearing.

12 Species Change over Time 100 The relative age of a fossil tells you
a. whether one fossil is older or younger than another fossil b. exactly when a fossil was formed c. the amount of radioactivity in a fossil d. how long the fossilized organism was alive on Earth What is A, whether one fossil is older or younger than another fossil?

13 Species Change over Time 200
Lamarck proposed that species evolve because: they adapt to their surroundings over time. they can pass on traits acquired during their lifetimes to their offspring. they overproduce and a variety of species come from each offspring. natural laws decide when they should change. What is B, they can pass on traits acquired during their lifetimes to their offspring?

14 Species Change over Time 300
Most__________ will become more common from one generation to the next. variations mutations speciations adaptations What is c speciations?

15 Species Change over Time 400
According to Lamarck, could the parents of the tortoise from Abingdon Island be born with a short neck? What is yes, they could have stretched their necks during their lives and then passed on that trait to their offspring?

16 Species Change over Time
500 This is how variation and adaptation may have led to the development of long-necked tortoises on Abingdon Island.

17 Species Change over Time 500 Answer Slide
The offspring of the ancestors of present-day tortoises on Abingdon island differed from each other in small ways. One of these variations was likely neck length. The tortoises competed with one another for leaves. The better adapted tortoises, with long necks, survived and reproduced at a higher rate. Therefore, long-necked tortoises became more widespread.

18 Evidence for Evolution 100
A lizard and a bat have similar forelimbs, but they are used in different ways. This is evidence that supports the theory of evolution by_________. artificial selection natural selection acquired characteristics similarity of structures What is similarity of structures?

19 Evidence for Evolution
200 One of the following pairs of organisms will have the most similar genes. tree and flower flower and bacterium bacterium and human human and tree What is a, tree and flower?

20 Evidence for Evolution
300 This is why structure A in the diagram to the right is an example of a vestigial organ. What is the whale leg is a structure that was fully developed in whale ancestors; now it has become reduced and unused in modern whales?

21 Evidence for Evolution
400 Structures B, C, and D are forearms of different animals share a common ancestor. What type of biological evidence is this? What is similar structures with different functions?

22 Evidence for Evolution
500 Four types of evidence that scientists use to support the theory of evolution. What are by observation, fossil evidence, biological evidence, and genetic evidence?

23 Random facts. 100 The name of Tim’s robot. What is Moby?

24 Random Facts 200 What Precambrian time refers to. What is the earliest period in Earth's history?

25 Random Facts 300 What you should do to the caps on plastic bottles. What is take them off before recycling?

26 Random Facts 400 These are four renewable resources. What is sunlight, wind, water, trees and other plants, and animal waste?

27 Random Facts 500 The name of the ship that Darwin travelled to the Galapagos Islands on. What is the Beagle?

28 What is 100 cm? Metric system 100
The number of centimeters in one meter. What is 100 cm?

29 Metric system 200 Centimeters in one kilometer. What is 100,000 cm?

30 Metric system 300 Millimeters in one meter. How much is 1,000 mm?

31 Metric system 400 The number of meters to measure out 365 years where 1cm = 1 year. What is 3.65 m?

32 What is 350 cm? Metric system 500
The number of centimeters in three and a half meters. What is 350 cm?

33 Final Jeopardy The bones of a whale flipper (left) are similar to the bones of a bat wing (right) as shown in the illustration below. What does this similarity in bone structure suggest about the whale and the bat? They use the same methods to travel. They can migrate to the same locations. They evolved from a common ancestor. They can manipulate objects in the same way.

34 Final Jeopardy Answer:
What is C. They evolved from a common ancestor?

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