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Z Parents: A glimpse of myfuture and Career Pathway Planning.

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1 z Parents: A glimpse of myfuture and Career Pathway Planning

2 Career Management The world of work is increasingly more complex. Self managing learning over a lifetime is important for each person to remain flexible, resilient and enterprising. A young persons career development is influenced by: individual uniqueness community and cultural expectations location, environment and the wider society random & unpredictable events stage of life

3 Investigating information on a range of education and training pathways Understanding the employment market Becoming aware of the range of career options Finding out about the jobs available in different industries Parents can support young peoples career pathways by:

4 Understanding the suitability of the young person to a specific vocational pathway Introducing and exposing the young person to a range different careers Talking; sharing; providing introductions to key people; encouraging a range of experiences. Parents can support young peoples career pathways by (Cont.):

5 Career & Career Development Clearly parents play an important role. Parents who regularly talk to their children about college [TAFE, training, university] provide the encouragement necessary to promote a full exploration of educational options. Despite the stereotypes about the relationships between parents and their teenage children, this study suggests that parents have an important effect on this important decision making process. (Hossler, Schmit & Vepser, 1999, p.66) (Bryce J, Anderson M, Frigo T, & McKenzie P., (2007) Australian Young People, their families and post-school plans: a research review, ACER & The Smith Family P.19)

6 What is myfuture? UNIQUE - it is Australias national career information service for all Australians COMPREHENSIVE - supported by many very large databases that are regularly up-dated ONLINE - can be accessed anytime, anywhere - it is interactive and user driven FREE - funded jointly by the Australian, State and Territory governments GATEWAY - to other useful websites and career related activities

7 myfuture – Home page

8 The Quizzes

9 Occupational Videos

10 Bullseye Posters Choose which subject your child is good at!

11 myfuture – The Facts

12 The Facts – Occupational Information


14 Labour Market Information

15 myfuture – Industry information

16 My Guide at a glance My Guide provides: a personalised career exploration tool to support users with career decision making and pathway planning; and planning tools to help users set career goals and actions.

17 My Guide My Guide allows the user to: compare, prioritise and make decisions about which career direction to take; plan futures based on a personal profile; and set career goals.

18 Sub title page


20 Getting Started Getting Started offers the following;Getting Started My Guide Virtual Tour A Quick Start Guide Mini Career Explorer Why is Career Planning Important? myfuture Virtual Tour Sign-up to My Guide

21 My Career Plan In My Career Plan students can: develop a specific career plan; set goals; identify actions to achieve their goals; and record and monitor their progress.

22 My Career Plan Summary My Career Plan Summary records the information the student has entered into the career plan; and users can print and/or email all or selected sections of the career plan summary.

23 Other useful websites

24 Other useful websites

25 The High Five Principles The High Five Principles are from the Real Game Series and state: Know yourself, believe in yourself and follow your heart. Focus on the journey, not the destination. Become a good traveller. Youre not alone. Access your allies, and be a good ally. Change is constant, and brings with it new opportunities. Learning is lifelong, and its good. We are most alive when we are learning.

26 What parents should know: Follow your heart »Dream the future »Be positive »Build confidence »Respect your childs ideas

27 What parents should know: Focus on the journey »Explore different career ideas »Experiment with career paths »Enjoy the journey

28 What parents should know: Be an ally »Offer support »Use your networks

29 What parents should know: Change is constant »Take a flexible approach »Be prepared to change »Look for opportunities

30 What parents should know: Keep learning »Learn from many sources - Sport Community Family »Learning is lifelong

31 Contact your school careers adviser for further information and support. Thank you

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