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Our focus area: Tsumeb, Grootfontein & Otavi Empowering Mobility for Social Economic Growth, Health & Wellness.

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1 Our focus area: Tsumeb, Grootfontein & Otavi Empowering Mobility for Social Economic Growth, Health & Wellness

2 Multisport Africa Namibia, Bicycles 4 Humanity / Cycle 4 Life Program (C4L) is a NGO, who offer our time and services voluntarily, with the vision to create sustainable, effective, meaningful and attainable Sports Programs for disadvantaged youth and communities, providing an opportunity for all, to gain confidence and self-esteem, through participation in responsible outdoor sports Activities - giving experiences that will make positive, lasting changes in participants’ lives. One of our mottos is “CHANGING THE CYCLE”, giving a positive healthy alternative to the cycles of abuse, addiction, poverty and rebellion that are prevalent in society today

3 Our core team is a group of very sincere and clean living young adults, who range from the age of 22 – 26. They are all local Namibians, most are orphans and from disadvantaged backgrounds, who have both been able to turn their lives around through their participation in our program. They are all trained & passionate about sport and people, having worked in sports’ outreach for the past few years and have become the perfect mentors. Louise CrispenJohnMathew Magano

4 We are based in Tsumeb, Namibia, in the old mine complex and we want to create a centralized place, where all our various Programs and outreaches can operate from. The program is not just about a “once-off” meeting and transferal of skill, but it aims to become a self sustaining, sports life-style hub, with lasting effects that can be carried though into participants lives and the community. The Facility, an old fire station, is an easy, close, safe and accessible venue for our target groups with the benefit of the surrounding supporting features, such as the existing BEC,storage areas, close proximity mountain trails and the prospective BMX Track & cycle safe area. With all programs being centralized to one area, this allows for better supervision and management while creating a holistic and motivational sports environment that can offer a welcomed distraction the challenges of “township life”.

5 Our Bicycle Empowerment Centre, is a buzz of activity, with bicycles services, sales & maintenance. We have implemented training, systems and strict control measures to ensure things are done efficiently and honestly. Each bicycle is serviced and washed, thereafter tagged, recorded in a book, and invoiced after sale. All income gets plowed back into salaries, development & outreach work. We personally manage & supervise all activities on a daily basis

6 We invested in our own mercy truck, that travels 1000km to the nearest port, Walvis Bay to pick up the donated Bicycles which are stored in containers and then transferred to our truck. Along the route we make donations to other B4H outlets as well as to worthy recipients, such as the man below who runs his own vegetable sales business.

7 OVER 200 BICYCLES HAVE BEEN DONATED THUS FAR to educators, community safety workers, young pastors, Young entrepreneurs, Elderly Health Programs, Community Sport Mentors, Orphanages, and other Outreach workers. These are just some of our happy recipients!

8 We built the Oshikoto Region’s, 1 st BMX TRACK, catering for Youth at Risk, giving them a safe place to meet and enjoy themselves …..another New & Bigger BMX track is being planned to be built near our BEC for better management and Outreach capacity.

9 We recently developed the Etosha Triangle Sports Network, to promote a platform amongst the various Sports Fraternities as well as promote Local Sports Events and Tourism in the area and surrounding farms. This initiative provides employment for locals in trail building & Town Tour Guides. We are in the process of placing Bikes at strategic places for rental to tourists. Thus far we have hand Built over 20km of mountain trails. These Trails are used in our events and they also serve to cater for local youth Outdoor Sports activities as well as a place for community walking & trail running.

10 We started a cycling program for the workshop employees of the local mine, called “Team Top Shop into Top Shape”. They where given supervised outrides to build up skills & fitness, cycle safe lessons as well as being taken to various Cycling Races, which was a first time experience for all. Each rider received customised kit.

11 We have taken our team and local mine workers to “away” sporting events and created a series of local fun events to promote Self esteem, Team Building and to give them the opportunities they would not otherwise have. Their medals are very precious to them.

12 We believe in hands on mentoring, and with each “away” event and excursion, the Team is given all camping supplies and personal supervision for the weekend, where we can informally teach, coach and mentor the individuals not only in Sports but life skills too. This has been a first time experience for most of them.

13 We have developed the following events for social integration and to promote health and wellness as well as to act as a fundraiser and at the same time create awareness for local social economic needs. We are all about reaching the greater community, families and kids.

14 We love to come along side other outreach organisations, offering our services where ever we can. B4H Supports HOPE CENTRE the home to some 15 Orphans with Food & Feeding Support, Painting Makeovers, and Advertising. We also support the Arts Performance Centre Music instructors Support with Bicycles & Food as well as this lady who was part of the US Peace Corp Volunteer Services.

15 We arranged for a local Christian pastor and his team to visit our BEC regularly to minister and spiritually mentor our group as well kids who are often at the shop. Here they are watching a movie. Boysen and Pandu, sons of our two Employees are cared for at our BEC. We are sponsoring Boysen to joing kindegarten from next year as he has just turned two. They both love this little push bike we bought them and are very much part of our team. Mathew one of our wonderful success stories, who is an orphan and was very malnourished when we met him. He is the first recipient of a “home”, we are offering to all our employees. We managed to secure him land, built his house and installed solar power, which we taught him to assemble himself. Magano also an orphan who used to be so shy has blossomed in the program. She now also runs her own sweet shop from the BEC, which we setup for her, so that she can earn additional income for herself and “Pandu” (means “thankyou”) After much hands on help and training, John now runs his own bike service from our BEC, and is earning himself a very good supplementary salary. Boysen Pandu EACH DAY OUR TEAM IS SUPPLIED WITH A HEALTHY MEAL

16 We raising Funds to any interested Donors to build a New BMX TRACK at the Big Tree area near our BEC We raising Funds to any interested Donors to build a cycles Safe and road safety training, following this model we made in South Africa. We currently negotiating to bring our BMX track, BEC and supporting programs to Otavi to benefit the early childhood development centers as pictured above. We are also planning with the various mines, to create an annual inter mine sports olympics, which will create greater awareness for our cause throughout the region as well as build bridges across social and geographical schisms. We raising Funds to any interested Donors to renovate the old fire station, into a multifunctional Sports Hub, which will act as a showcase for donors as well as a social meeting point for participants of the program.


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