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Cloth is Kind By Eve, Ava & Jasper Year 4 Rockmount School.

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1 Cloth is Kind By Eve, Ava & Jasper Year 4 Rockmount School

2 Scene 1 At the seaside (Plastic Pound Land lady sitting by her desk, and she is drinking from a polystyrene disposable coffee cup. A Gardener walks in tracking mud across the floor.)

3 Gardener: Do you have any gardening tools? (Shop lady ignores him, her eyes glued to a computer screen. Gardner looks around, staring in awe at the shop’s contents: Plastic cutlery, plates, cups, packaging, cling film and every kind of plastic thing you could imagine) Gardener: Ma’am? Lady: (Irritated) There. (She points) Gardener: Thanks. (He walks over, following her finger) Gardner: Please may I have thes- (Lady interrupts) Lady: £4. (She automatically gives him a plastic bag) Gardener: No thanks. I’ve got my own cloth bag. I don’t want MY waste to pollute the oceans. Lady: Whatever. Go on then. (Gardener backs off to the door, looking confused)

4 (In comes a nuclear power station worker) Nuclear power station worker: This box of cling film, and some of your plastic cutlery. Lady: That’s £2. (Nuclear power station worker puts two pounds on the counter, and at the same time he drops his empty salt and vinegar crisp packet on the grubby floor of the shop) Lady: Very well. Do you have your own bag? Nuclear power station worker: No. Lady: Here. (She passes him a plastic bag) (Nuclear power station worker dawdles out of shop and drops his shopping in his idling 4 by 4 car that was given to him by his work, while kicking a squawking seagull) Nuclear power station worker: Well, I won’t be needing this anymore. (He discards plastic bag and a gust of wind picks it up and blows it straight into the crashing waves)

5 Scene 2 The sea (Mother Turtle swims along and spots the plastic bag)

6 Mother Turtle: Food! My family will be pleased… (She takes lunge at the bag and it wraps around her neck) Mother Turtle: Oh no! (She makes gurgling noises and sinks) (Mother Turtle’s son swims up and sees his mum with the plastic bag round neck) Son: Mum? (Son starts sobbing) (An unseen shark swims up) Son: Agh! (He swims away with the shark on his tail. Nobody is there to save him. Shark bites son’s flipper off but thankfully son washes ashore)

7 Scene 3 The beach (RSPCA team strolls along) RSPCA girl: Look! A wounded baby turtle! RSPCA boy: Let’s take it home and look after it! (The years go by…) RSPCA: He’s better! But it was close. That is why we all should always use cloth bags. If we all do our little bit the world will be a better place. Because CLOTH IS KIND!




11 HELP THE ENVIROMENT!  Use cloth bags  Don’t throw plastic bags  Bring your own bags to the supermarket  Don’t litter near the sea (or anywhere!)  Be kind to Sea life  Always recycle plastic bags if you can  Put your plastic bags somewhere so you can re-use them or recycle them

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