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Scheduled for HYPACK 2011 Release

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1 Scheduled for HYPACK 2011 Release
VDATUM IN HYPACK Scheduled for HYPACK 2011 Release

2 VDATUM Integration Allow users to use VDATUM in real time to determine RTK Tide Allow users to re-compute RTK TIDE using VDATUM in SBMAX Allow users to re-compute RTK TIDE using VDATUM in MBMAX

3 HYPACK 2010 Training Seminar
RTK Tides with VDATUM T: Real Time Tide It’s what we want to determine. H: GPS Antenna Static Height Enter it in the HYPACK HARDWARE Program A: Height of GPS Antenna Above the Reference Ellipsoid Your GPS delivers this from 1Hz to 10Hz N: Height of Geoid Reference above Reference Ellipsoid. You will get this value from the G2009 Geoid Models already available in HYPACK K: Height of Chart Datum relative to Geoid: This value will come from the VDATUM files. HYPACK 2011 will install and use VDATUM reference files. H D Water Line Vessel Static Ref. T Geoid Ref. (MSL) K Chart Datum A B CS N-K N Ellipsoid Ref. Bottom 3/25/2017 HYPACK 2010 Training Seminar

4 Selection of VDATUM Region
GEODETIC PARAMETERS is being modified to allow the user to select their VDATUM Area and the Chart Datum

5 Corrections to VDATUM Tides
Based on local testing, users may adjust the VDATUM RTK TIDE results up/down by entering an offset as the Orthometric Height Correction.

6 Recalculation of VDATUM RTK TIDES in SBMAX and MBMAX
Both SBMAX and MBMAX will be able to recalculate RTK TIDES (POSPac Adjustments) using the VDATUM information. Shortly after the 2011 release, we hope to release a version of SBMAX and MBMAX that can recompute RTK TIDES using VDATUM for any HYPACK RAW and HSX files.

We can use your help to test VDATUM RTK TIDES in your region. While running SURVEY in RTK FIXED mode, get us a screen capture that shows the RTK TIDE Math Window, with the GPS window and the Data Display with the current time, RTK Tide. Let us know what your Tidal Datum is and what the ‘observed’ tide correction was at the time of the screen capture. (What it said on the gauge….)

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