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Being a Media Specialist in a Literacy Lab World Susan Keller Tracy McAllister

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1 Being a Media Specialist in a Literacy Lab World Susan Keller Tracy McAllister

2 How Literacy Lab Started National Assessment of Educational Progress –K-4 Reading Good job teaching children to read –5-8 Reading Amount of independent reading fell dramatically Nothing Good To Read

3 Adolescent Readers Need… –Access to large amounts of rich text School Libraries Classroom Libraries –Students with access to classroom libraries read 50% more than students without access

4 Adolescent Readers Need… Large blocks of un-interrupted reading time Students who read 30 minutes per day score significantly higher on standardized testing

5 Adolescent Readers Need… Empowered –Adolescents want to be in control of their choices –Free choice of self- selected text Educated Choice –Authors –Titles –Genre –Series Critical Readers –Is this a good book? –What makes this book good or bad?

6 Smart Step Literacy Lab Classroom Project In 2001, the Arkansas Department of Education created an intensive program of teacher staff development to address mid-level literacy in the state of Arkansas. 3 Year Program –Year 1 - Reading –Year 2 – Writing –Year 3 – Lab School

7 Smart Step Literacy Lab Classroom Project Widely researched program based on Best Teaching Practices Harding University Ken Stamatis –Professor at Harding University Since 2001, almost 1500 teachers have participated in the training

8 Greenbrier Middle School GMS became part of the Alpha group Support Dialogue Changes Team spirit Student benefit Best practices

9 I was country, when country wasnt cool… Media Specialists blazed the path –Dr. Jodi Charter

10 Be Proactive, Not Reactive YOU are a valuable and knowledgeable member of the Literacy Team Ask when the Literacy Teachers are meeting Listen to their needs Support their curriculum through the library –Showcase authors books –Feature specified genre –Booktalks, Booktalks, Booktalks!!

11 Share Your Expertise Book inventory Circulation system Organization Book repair Weeding Maintaining a manageable classroom collection –Quality over quantity…bigger isnt better! Purchasing catalogs –Listening centers –Books on tape –High Interest/Low Level –Paperbacks

12 Let the Library be Reading Central Create an inviting reading atmosphere –Throw rugs and small pillows –Colorful fun tri-folds on tables Authors Genre Titles –Mobiles Please look through your packet for sample lesson ideas.

13 Funding Classroom Libraries It is not now, nor has it ever been, the intent of the Smart Step Literacy Lab Classroom Project to replace or do away with the school library. According to literacy lab philosophy, the library media center is the hub of the school. Classroom libraries are intended to compliment, not compete with media centers. School Districts should never funnel library funding into the classroom libraries.

14 Funding Classroom Libraries Mentoring new literacy lab teachers in finding funding for classroom libraries is a great way to create collaboration: Scholastic Book Clubs –Bonus Points Look for the big bonus point months 22Xs –Adopt-A- Book –Read-A-Thon Corporate sponsors Be creative

15 Library Gold by Jason Whitaker A name destined for the record books. Hes the fastest twelve year old in the state And some say hes headed for Olympic gold, But last week he stood in my library And told me he hated to read. Books are for girls, he said, half-serious, And headed for the track.

16 So this morning, in the hallway, I witnessed a small miracle When Jason, His head buried in a book, Walked directly into a wall.

17 I couldnt restrain a laugh, And hearing me he proffered the book by way of explanation, Its the one you gave me last week, he stammered.

18 I see that, I answered, And unable to resist I added, That one must be for boys. If someday Jason wins the gold Ill cheer him proud and tall, But Ill cherish the memory of a boy with a book Who walked into a wall.

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