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God is calling us to be a Church …. ON FIRE with Gods contagious love, FUELED by a closeness to God, and FOCUSED on sharing the experience with all! Looking.

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1 God is calling us to be a Church …. ON FIRE with Gods contagious love, FUELED by a closeness to God, and FOCUSED on sharing the experience with all! Looking towards 2010 Vision Statement

2 Original 2009 Budget: Anticipated budget: $401,292 Expected income: $358,349 Expected shortfall: ($42,943) End of Year 2009 Results: Actual Income: $341,893 Actual Expenses: $346,818 End of 2009: shortfall ($4,925) We made adjustments! We started the year with a projected $42k deficit but ended the year with under$5k deficit. This was accomplished by under spending or frugality, extra donations, utilizing our facility more and only paying only $6,548 apportionments (out of $44,500) If all apportionments and budgeted expenses had been paid, we would have had a shortfall of $37,957!

3 Apportionments are one of the things that makes us United Methodists and a portion of your giving goes to the general church to support programs on a national and international level. We share the cost of these ministries, with each local church being responsible for contributing a fair portion or "apportionment." The power of our collective giving enables us to spread the love of Jesus Christ, educate clergy, encourage cooperation with other faith communities, fund General Conference, nurture historically Black colleges and Africa University, and support bishops. Our Desert Southwest Conference paid 85.37% of its apportionments for 2009 (64% of conf. churches paid 100% or more) Whether were packing school supplies for a village in a distant land or putting money in our church offering plate, we know our gifts help God to work miracles. Some of the biggest miracles in The United Methodist Church happen because committed congregations pay their apportionments 100 percent.

4 United Methodist apportionments go to local annual conferences and to the world-wide general church Jurisdictional Areas, Annual Conferences 12.7¢ 2.7¢ 84.6¢ General Church Local Church

5 Conducted zero-based budgeting that aligned with Church Vision Statement and Committee Goals. Committees created budgets from scratch, only budgeting funds that were absolutely needed to do ministry & that met their goals. This process lowered costs by over $35,000. Zero salary increases for 2010 while preserving programming support and personnel. Budgeted a realistic portion of apportionments equally with missions at 5% of pledged income. A step in faith! These committees are committed to continuing to maintain the same level of commitment by replacing services with in house volunteers and seeking new ways of reaching people for less cost. Improve hospitality in the community Open our building to more people and more community organizations Encourage new members to annually pledge Look for new opportunities to expand and grow as a church Look for new opportunities to better use our assets for increased revenue

6 Thanks to all of you who pledged, fulfilled their pledges, gave extra when possible, and simply gave what they could Our church committees worked with the finance committee to craft a balanced budget (not including 100% apportionments) through creativity and cooperation DFUMC is one of the most generous United Methodist congregations around with a high average giving per family! Our many Missions are one of our greatest strengths! Giving is well spread out among our church members. In many churches, 20% give about 80% of the financial gifts. In our congregation, approximately 50% give about 80%. We continue to work towards paying full apportionments. We are working towards stepping up and thinking of apportionments and missions together as a way we are tithing as a congregation.

7 General Fund giving $322,017 Giving over and above our General Fund! Sharing our building with others $27,702 Special offerings for others$5,545 Youth Ministry$15,938 Mission Ministry$15,171 Fellowship ASU Ushering$4,128 Stephen Ministry$5,000 Total Giving in addition to operating$73,484 Total Giving at DFUMC$395,501

8 Budget CategoryYTDBudget 2009Budget 2010% change Total Income $ 341,893.85 $358,349.40 $331,913.00-7.38% Education $ 8,991.83 $ 13,300.00 $ 3,950.00-70.30% Worship $ 2,335.12 $ 2,600.00 $ 2,000.00-23.08% Fellowship $ 278.26 $ 1,000.00 $ 500.00-50.00% Hospitality $ 909.89 $ 775.00 $ 440.00-43.23% Missions $ 6,975.62 $ 7,000.00 $ 6,000.00-14.29% Marketing $ 8,831.56 $ 12,600.00 $ 1,725.00-86.31% Stewardship $ 1,270.59 $ 1,000.00 $ 300.00-70.00% Pastoral $ 80,388.08 $ 80,052.00 $ 80,314.000.33% Lay Staff $ 85,871.14 $ 88,047.00 $ 83,605.00-5.05% Administration $ 16,701.48 $ 16,350.00 $ 14,950.00-8.56% Trustees $ 46,433.28 $ 52,700.00 $ 43,925.00-16.65% Mortgage $ 78,768.00 0.00% Apportionments $ 6,548.17 $ 44,333.00 $ 6,000.00-86.47% Special Offerings $ 2,515.00 $ 2,767.00 $ --100.00% Total Expenses $ 346,818.02 $401,292.00 $322,477.00-19.64% YTD Profit/(Loss)(4,924.17) $ (42,942.60) $ 9,436.00

9 Purpose Statement Desert Foothills United Methodist Church exists to experience and share the Kingdom of God with the people and communities we touch. Vision Statement God is calling us to be a church ON FIRE with God's contagious love, FUELED by a closeness to God, and FOCUSED on sharing the experience with all. Core Values We are centered in Christ's transforming love. We are grounded in scripture. We are a worshiping community. We are committed to Christian education. We are welcoming and accepting. We are a safe community. We are committed to children and youth. We are grounded in prayer. We are involved in intentional and proactive ways. We are mission- minded.

10 Our Christian Education Team Goals for 2010: We want to be equipped and prepared to offer hospitality to all youth connected to DFUMC. We want to increase our sharing of faith stories with the entire congregation and on a more personal level. We want to expand our knowledge and experience of prayer methods. We want to increase opportunities to connect with people in the entire congregation. We want to help each youth identify his / her spiritual gifts and then to serve joyfully in a way that uses them.

11 Our Fellowship Goals for 2010: To create ongoing opportunities for connection so that each congregant is connected in some way. This will include some small groups. To evaluate traditional all-church fellowship events to make them more purposeful, connectional, and meaningful.

12 The Finance committee will continue to look at ways to share finance stories and experiences with our congregation. Communicate to the congregation (minimum of 6 times per year) stories of financial transactions relating to one of our core values. The Finance committee will continue to create a culture of generous financial giving through education and information. Provide additional opportunities for our congregation to practice generous financial giving through designated giving opportunities on our church website. Celebrate our churchs generosity by keeping the congregation informed of missions and program funding of our church. Provide links on our website highlighting information on personal finance, generosity, living with ones means, and personal fiscal responsibility.

13 Our Hospitality Team Goals for 2010: The Hospitality Committee will work to encourage our church community and visitors to share their stories with each other. The Hospitality Committee will work with the church leadership specifically and the church community in general to become engaged in welcoming and affirming church visitors and each other. The Hospitality Committee will work to increase opportunities for people to connect with each other. The Hospitality Committee will work to help church community and visitors to become aware of places to use their spiritual gifts

14 Our Marketing Team Goals for 2010: The Marketing committee will continue to look at ways to build relationships and community through online social media. The Marketing committee wants to invite story sharing with our community through appropriate media. The Marketing Committee will work towards making outward first impression and physical presence memorable and informative to those who we extend hospitality to.

15 Our Mission Team Goals for 2010: Fostering mission stories within the congregation to motivate and engage the congregation to further participate in outreach ministries within our community, and into the larger world. The mission committee will help to identify those people within the congregation who have the spiritual gifts of compassion, mercy, service, and generosity and helps them to engage into the larger mission community. The mission committee will help lead the congregation in prayer by identifying and praying for mission needs throughout our congregation, our community, and our world.

16 Encourage the Staff to discern their Spiritual Gifts and to provide them the means to develop them through continued education opportunities. Implement a staff review process that allows for vision focused goal setting. Provide opportunities to celebrate and showcase members of the staff to the congregation. Provide more focused education and training for members of the SPRC on the roles and responsibilities of the committee as defined by the Book of Discipline. Commit to be in continual prayer for staff members. Our Staff Parish Relations Team Goals for 2010:

17 Our Trustee Team Goals for 2010: Ensure that the building and grounds provide an inviting environment for worship and all related activities, as well as focal point for community activities. Continue semi-annual maintenance parties. Encourage ongoing involvement in maintaining the church facilities based on individual commitments or time, skills and resources.

18 Our Worship Team Goals for 2010: Sharing a story or an experience with God or a transformation in worship on a weekly basis through any variety of forms; spoken live, on video, audio/visual, art, photography, music, etc. Discern and equip people with worship; pertinent spiritual gifts for leadership in worship. Developing the worship environment, including physical space, arts, AV, ritual, to be increasingly hospitable, reclaim a sense of wonder (not yet measurable). Silent meditation

19 Financial statements are available to anyone who would like to see them. Contact Susan in the church office for copies. Finance Committee meetings are open to anyone who would like to attend. They are held the 2 nd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm. Bill OBrien (chair), Paul Browning (lay leader), Jeff Brown, Sean Burke, Dwight Daniels, Rusty King, Susan Osman, Rob Shepard (Stewardship). Administrative Council Meetings held the 3 rd Tuesday monthly: Phil Lair, Ad Council Chairperson Paul Browning, Lay Leader, Lay Member to AC Camille Mardis, Ellen Hill, Alt Lay Members to AC Becky Hill, Christian Education Chairperson Debbie Kellogg, Fellowship Chairperson Bill OBrien, Finance Chairperson Bev Jones, Hospitality Chairperson Dave Gill, Missions Chairperson John Doller, SPRC Chairperson Rob Shepard, Stewardship Chairperson Kevin Chadwick, Trustee Chairperson Sharon Newman-Matt, Worship Chairperson Jim Long, Retired Pastor, Emeritus Jenny Smith, Pastor

20 Pray… for creative solutions, for families who so faithfully give, for those struggling financially, and for those seeking a church home Think.. about gifts that you may have that can help us. Step Up.. If you havent made the step to pledging, you still can! Fulfill.. your pledge and keep up with your giving (especially during the summer months) Give.. an extra mile… extra gifts of any size are helpful, appreciated, and make a difference!. Begin.. Non pledge giving is a very important piece of meeting our budget so even if you arent able to make the step to pledging, any giving of any size is helpful. Prepare…As a family, continue to understand and grow spiritually.

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