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Welcome to First Grade 2014-2015 Get Ready to SWING into a new year! Ms. Willis.

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1 Welcome to First Grade 2014-2015 Get Ready to SWING into a new year! Ms. Willis

2 About Ms. Willis I was raised in Catawba County and went to Newton-Conover. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I have been a teacher for 16 years. I taught 4 years at Valdese Elementary in first grade; 9 years at Banoak in kindergarten, first and fourth grades, and this is my 3 rd year at Mountain View. I am the proud mother of 5 children: 4 boys and 1 girl. My oldest (Caleb) is attending CVCC and helps with Foard Football; three are at Foard: Jody is a senior, Jacob is a junior, and Katie is a freshman; and my youngest, John, is at Jacobs Fork Middle school. I enjoy spending time with my family and have always wanted to be a teacher. I am thankful that I get to live out my dream everyday. I am excited to get to know your child and am looking forward to a great year!

3 Planners & Communication Folders RETURN DAILY Communication Folder (yellow folder) ALL lunch money, attendance notes and change of transportation notes go here and any forms throughout year. (keep homework assignments in folder so students do not lose to and from school. ) **I will send home a weekly newsletter letting you know important information for week on Mondays. Planners: Please make sure to sign each night! * Homework assignments-children will write assignments daily * quick notes to teacher or from teacher *teacher will record behavior for day and note as needed Take Home Tuesdays : Important handouts from school will be sent home on Tuesdays and will be in child’s yellow folder. ***I will also send graded/finished work in folder for you to review. Please sign (sheet inside) and return empty folder on Wednesdays.

4 Our Class Schedule 7:40-8:15 Breakfast/check folders and planners– eventually AR 8:15-8:50 Calendar/Journal Writing 8:50-9:20 Phonics whole group 9:20-9:30 snack 9:40-10:10 Reading groups 10:10-10:55 Intervention/Enrichment 11:00-11:30 Science/Social Studies 11:30-11:50 Finish reading/writing 11:57-12:25Lunch 12:35-1:15 Specials Day 1: Computer Day 2: Art Day 3: PE Day 4: Music Day 5: Drama Day 6: PE 1:20-2:10Math 2:20-2:40Recess 2:40-2:55DEAR/sign planners 3:00Dismiss first bell: walkers and bus/van 3:03Dismiss second bell: car and afterschool *Thursdays we will go to library and exchange books

5 Class Management School-wide: – PBIS & CATS – Tickets and Quarterly Reward Activities Classroom Expectations: – Follow PBIS/CATS matrix expectations. – Listen and follow directions. – Keep your hands to yourself. – Treat others kindly. – Try your best. Consequences: – Pull a strip (inappropriate behaviors) – *sometimes given opportunity to earn back or will partially move strip – Note in planner, laps at recess, loss of social time at lunch, phone call to parents, time outs in other rooms, office referral (Which can cause student to miss out on PBIS rewards)

6 Assessments and Data Notebooks MclassLiteracy Assessments (LNF, LSF, PSF, NWF & Reading) Reading and Math Unit tests spelling tests Science Notebooks Writing journals and samples Data notebooks/ Student-led conferences

7 Field Trips Fire Department/Food Lion/Park – Oct. 9th Play at Greenroom/Hickory Dickory Dock Dec. 15th th (no parents at Greenroom due to space) Science Center/Library– Mar. 27 Zootastic– May 22 ***We also have Diamond Del coming to our school on Feb. 20th Parent chaperones are always welcome! Students will wear fieldtrip t-shirts and if purchased get to take home at end of year. *****Make sure to sign and return one time permission slip by Sept. 22 nd !

8 Supplies We are always in need of tissues, especially when cold season approaches. Pencils: Students will need a steady supply throughout the year. Each morning students will get to sharpen two new for the day. I also have a basket of sharpened ones that students can use if needed. Wish list: Stickers for planners and small rewards for prize box. Students get to earn individual tickets and can get prizes for them. Also could use painters tape to edge books. Volunteers *Classroom parent to organize parties and special events for special days. Volunteers to go help on fieldtrips (the trips we go on this year, we will have parents stay with the whole group and help) Volunteer to help cut out or make things at school/home (This year, my mother is doing a lot of this for me-there may be things I need later.) May need parents later on to do reading buddies/small groups-still haven’t gotten into a routine (due to testing) so I am not sure how or when will use. Check sign up sheet if interested in volunteering.

9 Homework Reading assignments will be written in planner nightly, please make sure to sign (initial) each night, so I know it was read. You can record minutes read on space too. Students are to read at least 15 minutes a night. This will be your child’s reading log. Your child will not get credit for reading if not signed. **Later in year your child will have a written response question to answer each night. Packets: ( Math and Spelling) designed to give you flexibility to fit busy schedules. Students need to keep in yellow communication folder until collected. Comes home on Monday (math and spelling) spelling homework doesn’t have to be turned in as long as child is passing tests. Return math on Friday (or last school day of the week) I generally assign homework Monday-Thursday only.

10 Good Night Thank you sharing one of the most precious gifts you have…your child! I look forward to working with you to make sure your child has a successful year! Reminders/Odds and Ends * Fall Festival will be October 4 th from 11 to 4. - Raffle Tickets: Please return sold or unsold tickets. We will collect each Monday in September. -First Grade Basket for Silent Auction: First grade will be making an Arts and Crafts basket for the auction. Please send in any items like: markers, coloring books, activity books, crayons, small games, etc. that would be good activities for a rainy day. Thanks. -Volunteers: If you could volunteer to help work a station that day let me know. **Also school is collecting bags of candy for games/prizes. -++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ -Collecting: send in any Pepperidge Farm, Tyson, Campbell’s, and Box Top labels. Also we are collecting Kleenex tabs to help raise money for our school. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Parent Conferences: We will begin conferences on Sept. 26 th the teacher workday. Make sure to sign up for conference time before you leave! School Dance is this Friday, Sept. 19 th from 6 to 8. Conferences-we will begin scheduling after finish benchmark testing. Before you leave please be sure you have: Asked any questions you have


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