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Transformation Update June 19, 2014. Year In Review  Partnership Agreement  Umbrella Legislation  University of Alberta  Associate Member Category.

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1 Transformation Update June 19, 2014

2 Year In Review  Partnership Agreement  Umbrella Legislation  University of Alberta  Associate Member Category  Public Relations Program

3 CAPF / CAPFT Merger Vote Results CAPF # VotesYesNo% Yes 3793027780% Background Information Eligible Voters737 Quorum – 10%74 % Required to pass66% 51% Voter Turnout CAPFT # VotesYesNo% Yes 2642372790% Background Information Eligible Voters631 Quorum50 % Required to pass66% 42% Voter Turnout

4 Special Thanks To:  Public members for their engagement and input throughout this process.  Council for their patience and good advice throughout the year.  Bob, Noel and Milo for their efforts and developing a process to bring this to a conclusion.  Doug and Sheila for their logistical and technical support.  CAPFT – Pat, Ray, Shonelle, Dave, and more recently Christine for many hours of meetings, review and development of the Partnership.

5 Partnership – diversity of opinion

6 Partnership – Going Forward  Letter to the Minister requesting the necessary legislative changes has been prepared and will be signed and sent this week.  MOU for interim governance has been signed by both CAPF and CAPFT (as per ratification package).  Timelines for Bylaw development have been prepared.  Workplan and Resource Document for Bylaw development have been prepared and will be reviewed by Joint Executive Committee next week.

7 Partnership – Going Forward  The Code of Ethics has been updated and is currently under legal review – both Colleges will ultimately have to ratify the changes.  Timeline for development of Bylaws;  Goal is to have the Bylaws out for comment by late 2014 and we anticipate having some regional workshops to review. Will incorporate legal review and Professional Governance review as they are developed.  Hope to have Bylaws endorsed by Joint Council and ratified by March 15, 2015. Scheduling of AGM’s in 2015 is contingent on acceptance of the new Bylaws.  If we can accomplish the above we would schedule a joint AGM in the fall of 2015 and elect a new Council as per the terms of the newly ratified Bylaws.

8 Partnership – other tasks;  Much to do over the next year:  Continuing competence program  Administrative structure  Website  Legislative review

9 Umbrella Legislation “Natural Science and Environmental Professions Act”  MOU signed in September, 2013 by;  Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta  Alberta Society of Professional Biologists  College of Alberta Professional Forest Technologists  College of Alberta Professional Foresters  Intent of the MOU is to provide direction to look at options regarding umbrella legislation that would regulate Natural Science and Environmental Professionals.  Terms of reference signed in March 2014 outlining Committee structure and principles for moving forward.  All parties have reviewed the concept of umbrella legislation with their membership and there is support from all groups to continue discussions regarding the potential for a larger (inclusive) professional regulatory body.

10 Umbrella Legislation – Cautionary Notes  Although there are many positive aspects, there were a number of concerns that have been brought forward;  Bigger is not always better – would we lose our influence in a larger organization.  What is the relationship with the other parties.  Lets focus on one thing at a time – finish the merger with CAPFT and then consider.  There was also a compelling argument that we should stay engaged – we should be a partner in the developing group rather than try to join when much of the groundwork has been completed and our opportunity to influence is greatly reduced.

11 Umbrella Legislation – 2014 / 15  Will continue to explore the potential within the membership of all our organizations  Will engage with Gov. of AB and Employers to look at advantages / disadvantages of umbrella Legislation  Will look for opportunities to engage the public regarding advantages / disadvantages of umbrella legislation

12 University of Alberta Update:  Committee formed to look at ways to work together to enhance enrollment of forestry programs.  CAPF has provided scholarship funding to attract students to transfer into accredited undergraduate programs.  Working with the UofA to see if there is an opportunity to accredit the MF program for students from the Conservation Biology and Land Reclamation streams of the ENCS program. Much work to be done on this but so far it looks promising.  Scholarship funding is available for students who meet the screening requirements for the MF program and would potentially be good candidates to attain their RPF through the assessment process.  Looking for ways to integrate the NAIT program so that there is consistency for students considering a University option after NAIT.

13 University of Alberta; con’t…  Ongoing support throughout the year for;  Professional Networking Event hosted by Environmental Conservation Sciences Student Association.  UofA Science Student Mixer – two of our Councillors were on hand to mingle with Forestry and potential Forestry students.  Supported logger sports for the UofA forest society.  Financial support for forestry students to attend CIF/SAF meeting in Salt Lake City.  Supported Envirothon in Whitecourt.

14 Associate Member Category  B.Sc. in natural resource discipline; i.e. ENCS  Some alignment with proposed MF program  Undergraduate (natural resource) with graduate degree in Forestry  Pathway to RPF  Allow those working with a non-accredited natural resource background the opportunity for membership in a professional org.

15 CAPF Marketing  Short Term Spending (this fiscal year)  Print materials  Kiosk and Interactive Trade Show Display  Career Counselor and Teacher Education Kits  Master in Forestry Pilot Program  Sponsorship and development of U of A Forest Society and ENCS events

16 CAPF Marketing  Longer Term Spending (1-3 years)  Website re-brand for the public o Our website currently is functional for members only o Online presence is low and we could easily jump into social media  Teacher education tours/teachers convention presentations o We need to do our part in teacher education  Events at other post-secondary schools with student groups  Continued scholarship funding  Annual sponsorship of U of A student dinners and events  CAPF attendance at industry AGMs to promote awareness of Forester skills

17 Thank You – Questions / Discussion

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