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Unit 3 & 4 ITA JEOPARDY Acknowledgements: VITTA for the jeopardy pro-forma.

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2 Unit 3 & 4 ITA JEOPARDY Acknowledgements: VITTA for the jeopardy pro-forma

3 On-lineCommunitiesDatabases Spreadsheets LuckyDip Data Security 100 200 300 400 500

4 On-line Communities 100 At its simplest, two or more computers that are connected so they can exchange information and share resources. A: What is a network?

5 On-line Communities 200 A: How does a network improve communications? Email, videoconferencing and chat are examples of this.

6 On-line Communities 300 A: What is a blog? A social networking site that would be appropriate for someone who wants to share stories, thoughts and photos with friends.

7 On-line Communities 400 A: What is a thread? An on-line discussion that links responses from many people.

8 On-line Communities 500 A: How does a network make an organisation more efficient? Collaborative work is easier and faster.

9 Databases 100 A: What is a record? A collection of data related to one entity in a databases

10 Databases 200 A: What is a relational database? A database that links two or more tables.

11 Databases 300 A: What is the purpose of the normalisation rules? This ensures that duplicate and redundant data is not present in a database.

12 Databases 400 A: What is a query? To create a search for data that fits a specific criteria

13 Databases 500 A: What is a one to many relationship? This indicates that one record in the first table can be connected to many records in a second table.

14 Spreadsheets 100 A: What is a cell? Where a row and a column meet

15 Spreadsheets 200 A:What is the natural alignment of data in a spreadsheet? Numbers to the right, text to the left

16 Spreadsheets 300 A: What is a range checking? Ensuring that the data fits within a specific range

17 Spreadsheets 400 A: What is a flag? A way to indicate to a spreadsheet user that a data entry is incorrect.

18 Spreadsheets 500 A. A formula to look up a value in A3 in the second column of a range called prices. =Vlookup(A3,prices,2)

19 Lucky Dip 100 A: What is a layout diagram? A design method of showing the content and format of a web page.

20 Lucky Dip 200 A: What is fibre optic cable? This is made of glass and is optical, not electrical, meaning little signal fade. Can transmit multiple signals on a single fibre. It is very fast, flexible, has high bandwidth, can travel long distance without repeaters and is very secure.

21 Lucky Dip 300 A: What is a domain name server (DNS)? A computer that translates an URL into an IP address so the web site can be located.

22 Lucky Dip 400 A: What is cloud computing? The name given to storing or accessing data in a remote location

23 Lucky Dip 500 A: What is differential backup? Saving all the files on Monday on one tape and then only changed files on Tuesday to Friday on a separate tape

24 Data Security 100 A: What is a virus? A program written with the intention of disrupting normal computer operation

25 Data Security 200 A: What are some threats to data in an organisation? Break-ins, viruses, hacking, user error

26 Data Security 300 A. What are 3 privacy principles of the Privacy Act (1988)? Individuals are entitled to see their information. Information may not be kept unless it is relevant. Information may not be used for any purpose except for which it is collected.

27 Data Security 400 A: What is a code of conduct? A set of principles and expectations that are binding on a particular group of people.

28 Data Security 500 A: Why does an organisation need a backup strategy? To safeguard their data and ensure minimal disruptions if a disaster were to strike their information system.

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