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What (Else) is New in ELA?. Good Habits, Great Readers Adoption Support Link to DRA2 Training Online:

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1 What (Else) is New in ELA?


3 Good Habits, Great Readers Adoption Support Link to DRA2 Training Online: Link to Words Their Way Training Online: Link to GHGR Reading & Writing Samplers Online: cts&navGroupChildren=Preview%20Print%20Products&PMDbProgramID=28561 Link to GHGR Online Database username CCSD, password Cobb Link to Training Possibilities/Elementary LA BLOG Link to Elementary Administrators Training Handouts More to come in Future Installments

4 Unit Outlines *Combination of reading and writing on one map *Unit Instructional Support after each nine weeks

5 Table of Contents for the Unit Instructional Support Page Each grade will have GHGR Correlation Table

6 GHGR Lessons Aligned with Standards/Elements/PICASSO & Assessments that Guide Instruction in each Correlation Chart

7 Lesson Outlines Have a New Look

8 Topics/Nine Weeks Essential and Supplemental Lessons This is a list of instructional resources.

9 Sample Workshop Schedule Intermediate 8:05 – 8:30 Reading Minilesson (Strategy lesson focusing on becoming an Independent Reader/Writer) 8:30 – 8:45 Independent Reading/Teacher Conferencing (This time will increase as the year progresses.) 8:45 – 9:05 Small Strategy Focus Group (Guided Reading) Students work on… * Reading Response Journals * Reading with a Partner * Literature Circle Book/ Book Club/ Book of their Choice/Conference Task * Words Their Way Sorts 9:10 – 9:15 Share (What did you do today that helped you become a better reader?) 9:15 – 9:40 Words Their Way Minilesson 9:45 – 9:55 Writing Minilesson 9:55 – 10: 25 Independent Writing/Conferencing 10:25 – 10:30 Share (What did you do today that helped you become a better writer?) 10:30 – 10:40 Read Aloud (Chapter Book)

10 Sample Workshop Schedule Primary 8:05-8:15- Shared Reading Mini Lesson 8:15-8:35- Words Their Way 8:35-8:50- Shared Reading Focus Lesson (Strategy lesson focusing on becoming an Independent Reader/Writer) 8:50-9:50- Independent reading & conferencing/guided reading/centers/share time –8:50-9:05-Independent Reading & Conferencing –9:05-9:25-Small Group (guided reading) Centers- rotation 1 –9:25-9:45-Small Group (Guided reading) Centers – rotation 2 –9:45-9:50- Share Time 9:50-10:35- Writing workshop (mini lesson/writing time & teacher conferencing/Share time) –9:50-10:00- Writing Mini Lesson –10:00-10:30- Writing & Conferencing –10:30-10:35- Share Time

11 ABC Rap (Sound Spelling Cards) Power point to match your classroom sound spelling cards Meant for K-2 whole/small group instruction, and for any 3-5 student struggling with decoding Similar, but not exactly the same picture (an artist, but a different artist) A different lyric for each card, but with the same melody throughout Suggested kinesthetic action for each card (Uniformity for transition sake) Found on the right side of the K, 1 & 2 LA Course Guides on PICASSO

12 -dge ge gi j Kinesthetic Action: Move your hand quickly through the air like jet that is soaring. What do you see? I see a fast jet soaring toward me. What do you hear? Jet /j/ /j/

13 Training/Implementation Timeline AUGSEPOCTNOVDECJANFEBMARAPRMAYJUNJUL GHGR Summer Overviews Handwriting Training Online QT DRA/Word Analysis & Assessment – Writing/W2 Commentary LA/SS DRA/Word Analysis Training QT Words Their Way Assessment/ Commentary LA/SS Math/Science QT GHGR Summer Institute DRA Training Schools May Set Up Ongoing Training

14 Fall DRA Assessment: New Students Students w/No level info Students that do not perform as spring level indicates Goal:At least 2 students per classroom by October 1 Principals may require more at the local level SummerFallWinterSpringSummer Whats New? Language Arts Implementation 2009-2010 Z-B Handwriting Instruction: K, 1, 2 Manuscript 3 Cursive In 1 & 2 especially this year Dont force conformity - Instruct for legibility Spring DRA Assessment: All Students Implement New Course Guide, Units, Lessons using GHGR Continue: Writing Assessments/W2 25 Book Standard 4/5 Mid-Year Achievement Series 1 st -5 th

15 Report Card Changes K-2 In Addition to Teacher Rubric Indicator (Reads Orally...) Marked 3+,3,2,1..... Fountas and Pinnell Level Reported Each Quarter – Not Just at the End of the Year




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