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New Frontiers Erik Hamremoen Manager Flight Safety - Statoil.

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1 New Frontiers Erik Hamremoen Manager Flight Safety - Statoil

2 Våre arktiske posisjoner 2014-04-27 2Classif ication : Open

3 # wells Area (km2) BH NH NS OVER 30 ÅRS TILSTEDEVÆRELSE I BARENTSHAVET Et stort område med få brønner

4 Barents sea Classification: Internal 2012-03-024 BARENTS SEA Bear Island 200 NM radius

5 5 Drivis Kramsnø Nunatak Iskrystall Apollo Atlantis Apollo Appraisal Ensis Askepott Skavl Brønner som skal bores av Statoil i Barentshavet 2013 / 2014/ 2015

6 Helikopter rekkevidde (radius) Classification: Internal 2012-03-026 «Extreme» Technology Investments (helicopter/fixed-wing/boats) needed «Stretch» Considered achievable with coming helicopter upgrades «Workable» Use of existing helicopter technology

7 Bear Island and Hopen

8 Værutfordringer 2014-02-12 8Classif ication : Intern al Fog Polar low

9 Transmitting online video and data from the rig to be able to consult directly with a specialist doctor on the main regional hospital onshore. Night Vision Googles (NVG) for SAR and back up for passenger transport (planned to be in place in Hammerfest for the winter season) HP Insulated survival suits (6 hours) with PLB 121,5 and AIS. Wool undergarments required Auxiliary fuel tanks on the SAR and passenger transport helicopter 9 Additional safety measures being implemented

10 2014-04-27 10 Classification: Open Fremtidig SAR base?

11 Payload 11

12 Aktuelle flyplasser 12

13 Classification: Internal 2012-03-0213 St. Johns Canada

14 Barents sea - Perseevsky well 2020 Classification: Internal 2012-03-0214

15 Next generation for offshore support? Long range High speed Payload Classification: Internal 2012-03-0215

16 «Extreme» range possibilities With hangar for helicopter Classification: Internal 2012-03-0216

17 BASKET/FROG transfere Classification: Internal 2012-03-0217 Total Statoil Transported PAX HelicopterFROG June385109 July444110 August404118 September340199 FROG 6: - 6 Persons, or 1 Person + Stretcher Operational Limits - Up to 3.5M Significant Wave Height - 40 Knots Wind Speed

18 Sea travel and walk to work Classification: Internal 2012-03-0218

19 Additional safety/comfort measures currently being worked for “Stretch” flights. 1.Helicopter weight reduction program (removal of Air/C, seats, de ice …) 2.Seats and seating arrangement to enhance comfort 3.Simple toilet facility 4.Rig and shore automatic approaches (vertical and horizontal) 5.IPad with link via satellite (For weather and messages) 6.Tail camera (smoke, fire and oil leak verification/detection) Classification: Internal 2012-03-0219

20 Expected 2020 Aviation offshore frontiers (radius) Classification: Internal 2012-03-0220 «Extreme» Technology Investments (helicopter/fixed- wing/boats) needed «Stretch» Considered achievable with coming helicopter upgrades «Workable» Use of existing helicopter technology 300 NM 200 NM

21 21 - Classification: Internal 2010-06-17 Conclusions 1.Just a few operations are foreseen beyond 300 Nm in radius (“Extreme”) in the years to come. 2.Use of existing helicopter technology with auxiliary fuel tanks will in most cases meet our needs. 3.Focus on cost reduction efficiency /simplification in utilizing major hubs as onshore bases. 4.Ranges outside 300NM will for now need to be covered by ship for passenger transport and transfer to rig, or use intermediate landing facility (ship/rig/barge) 5.New fixed wing/helicopter high speed types for long range will be needed for the future. 6.Rig/drill ship based helicopters with hangar looks to be the future to accommodate long range Medevac/SAR and passenger transport/movement locally.

22 Thank you for you attention 22

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