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Why there is a need for a syringe melter by Anthony Battersby FBA Health Systems Analysts.

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1 Why there is a need for a syringe melter by Anthony Battersby FBA Health Systems Analysts

2 Who is at risk? Patients use of contaminated equipment Health workers needlestick injuries You and me improper disposal & resale

3 What are the Choices? Off site incineration at the hospital? Is the incinerator big enough? Who will look after it? How will the waste reach it?

4 What are the Choices? Transport is often a problem Health Center vehicle

5 What are the choices? Incinerators get broken Europe Asia Africa Latin America On site incineration?

6 Incineration <<< This is what they had This is what they used Why?

7 Incineration is polluting

8 What are the Choices? Burial?  

9 What are the Choices? Open burning?

10 What are the Choices?

11  Dump on site?

12 What are the Choices? Unrendered recycling? 

13 What are the Choices? Needle destroyers?  

14 What are the Choices? Stockpiling?

15 Municipality? “Where does the waste go from here?” “We dump it in the river” What are the Choices?

16 Animals at risk Syringe Disposal

17 Municipal Disposal River

18 Outcome from lack of safety

19 “Hands up if you have ever stuck yourself” “Water pistols” Outcome from lack of safety

20 Syringes get everywhere.

21 What happens to used syringes?





26 What people do with used syringes & needles








34 The Gazel™ will reduce these… Volume 1 gallon

35 … to this! Volume 1 pint

36 The Gazelle Adapt to their environment They are endangered and need protection Beautiful The Gazel™ Designed with simple features to adapt to conditions in developing nations Helps prevent dangerous problems while protecting people in need and our fragile environment We think the people it protects and the environment it saves are beautiful

37 Recognition Anthony Battersby, a dedicated advocate of world health, has been working on the Gazel™ project for over 7 years. BMTS is proud to announce its plans to launch the new Gazel™ this year and greatly appreciates Anthony’s tireless efforts to assist in this worthwhile endeavor. My deepest appreciation, Don Cox President and CEO BioMedical Technology Solutions, Inc.

38 Our Mission BMTS is dedicated to providing optimal solutions for biomedical waste management. We are deeply committed to the continual improvement and refinement of our patented technologies. Moreover, BMTS is devoted to developing innovative waste programs in support of a safer, healthier environment around the world.

39 Pro-Environment We understand that our world’s environment is fragile and in danger. We choose to be part of the solution for generations to come.

40 BMTS is committed to enhancing our recycling program and finding innovative solutions to meet our goal of 100% recyclable Demolizer® II collectors.

41 BMTS Foundation will provide support for charitable organizations dedicated to the research and relief of catastrophic diseases and environmental issues. The Foundation will fund activities that support a healthier environment and foster an ongoing campaign to increase safety, health and well-being for people around the world. 100% of all funds raised will go towards these causes. BMTS Foundation

42 We are fortunate to live in nations with state-of-the-art medical capabilities.

43 We know that there are many people in developing nations around the world who lack access to these capabilities.

44 BMTS dedicates our time and resources to create solutions that help turn the world’s present challenges into cleaner, safer options for our generation and the generations to follow.

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