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SOA in the Home - with RFID, iPhone and Simple Service Orchestration

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1 SOA in the Home - with RFID, iPhone and Simple Service Orchestration
Peter Rhys Jenkins IBM Software Group 1st March 2009 Session 1434

2 Why ?

3 I have a BIG House - started in1896

4 2008

5 Automation Architecture

6 Architectural Tenents
Able to withstand catastrophic failure – e.g. Fail safe doors. Able to withstand multiple service failures. Zero learning curve for Human Interfaces. “Reasonable” price. State of the Art and Beyond. Documented for repeatability. Rapid Recovery from catastrophic failure (ISO Images).

7 Wiring

8 Wiring – Cat6 “Copper’s last stand”

9 Wiring. Cat 6 for 10 Gigiabit Ethernet Backbone (Currently 100Mb)
Cat 5e for Phone, IR Distribution. Shielded RG6 coax for Video. HDMI cables for Theatre. RF Relays between Dimmers. “Mesh” Network Dimmers. No “Daisy Chaining” No Cat 7 – New Connector – not RJ45

10 Physical View

11 Infrastructure Hardware

12 Managed Infrastructure
HAI Omnipro II Controller 8 PIR (Passive Infrared + Microwave) –to HAI 68 Windows – round inset Magnet - to HAI 7 Doors – round inset Magnet - to HAI @500 Lights, 130 Insteon Dimmers - to Mac 3 Cameras – Logitech, Apple, Sony - USB, Firewire, Cat 5e 8 Mike’s – via Shure Mixer - Toslink Minijack to Mac 1 RFID – Texas Instruments - RS-232-C to Mac 1 Phidget RFID Reader - USB to Mac iRTrans Infrared Controller. - to Mac TV’s, Music, Piano, Projector Screen - to Mac

13 Infrastructure – Computing.
Ocelot (Applied Digital) low voltage switching (speaker & Mic switching Mac Mini - Primary Home Controller. Macbook - Development. iMac - Human Interfaces - Kitchen iMac - Human Interfaces - Office ThinkPad - Camera feeds to Mac. ThinkPad - Mouse Catcher & Camera feeds to Mac. PC - Athlon 64 bit. Windows, 8G, 2T – grunt work. (Deprecated) HAI Interfaces. MQ Interfaces. Music Server, Video Server. P390 - CICS WebService interfaces (Deprecated May 2008).

14 Wireless. 2 x Apple Airport 802.11 n 1 x Airport Express
2 x Linksys g 1 x Cantenna. Future. WiMax ZigBee Trick – give all the access points the same name and use the same channel number.

15 Infrastructure - Hardware

16 Infrastructure – Hardware.


18 RFID Hardware – Radio, Antenna, Tags

19 RFID – how it works

20 RFID “Issues”

21 RFID Interface Coding (Applescript)

22 MySQL & Scripting Other Applications

23 Scripting Other Applications Remotely.

24 Human Interfaces

25 Web Interfaces

26 Interfaces iPhone (Safari, Mobile) Any Browser Any Phone Handset
Voice Recognition Hard Wired Mic’s Voice Response V1 Female V2 Male & Female PIR Event (with Weight ) RFID Events Camera Motion events

27 Services

28 Enterprise Services. Enterprise Service Bus – (Indigo Broker - AppleScript & Apple Remote Events for Messaging) Monitoring Security JSON – XML-RPC SOAP

29 Internal Services Door Camera Motion Service Pub Services (Open etc)
Door RFID Event Service Door Opened Service Door Closed Service Speak Weather Service Somebody Pressed the Doorbell Service Switch TV to view Camera Play Music Service(s). Pub Services (Open etc) Goodnight Service Goodmorning Service Birthday Service Water the Lawn Service Open the Windows Service Close the Windows Service Play a Movie Service Mouse Down Service

30 Event Based Computing – Mouse Down.
e.g. Speaker Wire Insteon EZIO. Metal Pad under Cheese – Soldered to 1 Wire. 2nd Wire Soldered to Spring Holder. Circuit Closes == Mouse Down Event. Video Taken by Evocam (last Video) sent to YouTube – Text Message to look at YouTube sent to iPhone.

31 External Services NOAA – Weather (Free). Also
Change Sunset based on light level (sunny, cloudy etc). Control sprinklers – predict rainfall. Set variables for spoken responses. Google – GMAPs. Locate Family (iPhone Application – Objective ‘C’) Airline – Flight Scheduling. Heat and Light services at “odd” hours. eBay – “Snipe” Screen scaping to feed sniping service.

32 WMQ-Broker Usage – Deprecated.
Interface between Mac’s and PC’s. – REST from PhP AJAX “Sometimes, good enough really is good enough” Interface to External Web Services. Interfaces requiring data transformation. PhP interface to Broker from Mac using REST Client for: Broker Web Service call to NOAA (Weather) parse response. Broker decides if it’s raining for Sprinkler via Timer Node. Broker makes web service call to (what’s on TV).

33 Security

34 Security Assume the worst. No DHCP. No broadcast SSID.
Hard coded router tables. WPA. IBM Generated Passwords.

35 Security UPnP

36 Software & Shelfware

37 Shelfware Evocam – Mac – 84% CPU Utilization.
HAL PC – Too Complex. XCode - Mac (except for iPhone) - PhP easier. WMQ Client for Mac - Only C Bindings - REST WMQ Server for Mac - Kernel Changes - REST RS-232-C Open Source PC - Too Complex. TI RFID Sample Code PC - Useless.

38 Motion detection CPU Utilization.

39 Software Indigo (ESB) Applescript Apple Remote Events
Dreamweaver (Web, PhP) Photoshop Chicken of the VNC MAMP, WAMP Transmit (FTP) iRed Time Machine (Backup)

40 Lessons Learned Most of the work you need for an SOA/ESB is building the INFRASTRUCTURE to support it. Adding Services is trivial once the Infrastructure is there. Swapping out services is trivial – e.g. Texas Instruments RFID to Phidget RFID Reader – about an hour. You need a development hardware environment and prod – trying to do it via VNC is like trying to swim through an ocean of Peanut Butter. PhP, MySQL, Apache, OpenSource is easy to write & use. Remember when programming was fun ? – it’s back.

41 URL’s to get you started.
Source for Everything. Indigo Software. RFID Reader. Camera Software. Site that got me started. My House. Send me an –

42 Demo Add a “Share” Service…

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