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1 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL SG10T Paul Denimarck September 2011.

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1 1 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL SG10T Paul Denimarck September 2011

2 2 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Contents Product Line and the SG10 fit Introduction Timeline SG10T configuration details Country Certifications Value Proposition and Positioning Target Audience Key Competition Pricing Summary

3 3 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Intermec Scanner Range SR30 General Purpose Light Industrial SR61 TSR61B Industrial Value Scanner SF51 Build a more competitive product range SG10T Tethered (Oct 2011 announcement)

4 4 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL SG10 Introduction Timeline First Production units available for shipment August 25. Production general availability (PQA) on September 25. Public launch go live / addition to insider and public website on October 18.

5 5 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL SG10 Entry Scanner Simple, Affordable & Reliable

6 6 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Product Overview SG10T-USB001 and SG10T-KBW001 G - general purpose 10 – entry class T – tethered USB – USB cable kit KBW – KB Wedge kit Key characteristics Simple, Affordable and Reliable Source of differentiation 1D solid state imager and one low price available to all Roadmap No line extensions identified at this time.


8 8 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Country Certifications

9 9 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Value Proposition/Positioning Statement/Messaging Framework Value Proposition: For price sensitive small to medium sized businesses who seek to quickly increase profitability, the SG10 is a general purpose HH barcode reader that enables businesses to achieve greater accuracy and efficiency in the areas of their business associated with the storage, movement, accounting and sales of their inventory and assets. Unlike lasers, the SG10 is based on solid state imaging technology that will provide better reliability all at a competitive price. Target Audience: Small to medium sized businesses Positioning Statement: Reliability and ease of use at an affordable price. SimpleAffordableReliable Imagine if you had the power to manage your business in the palm of your hand. Ships as a kit with everything you need to get startedOut of the box ready When all you need to do is read a bar code, why pay more than you have to? Lowest priced model ever offered by Intermec Thousands of businesses have chosen Intermec data collection solutions for decades. Why not you? IN brand promise (rugged, reliable, trusted advisor When all you need to do is read a bar code, why purchase a complicated solution? EasySet functionality means scanner set up is as easy as scanning a barcode Youre losing money if you cant track your assets. The SR10 is a simple, cost- effective solution. Low pricing includes scanner and cable; no additional expenses associated with accessories With the SR10, you dont have to compromise reliability to get affordability. Legacy of building reliable, durable industrial products. Solid state linear imaging technology

10 10 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Target Audience Target markets General Purpose scanning in retail and commercial apps Applications Counter / Desktop scanning In store Retail – POS, Specialty counters Commercial services (office scanning) - Insurance / Law Firm document tracking Access Control, Tool Crib Library book check out and in Buyer, influencer, end user Buyer - IT and or Purchasing managers (low value transaction) Influencer – Operations managers / end user End user preference key to acceptance Market size, opportunity (70% mkt $ & 80% units)

11 11 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Major Competitive Scanners Motorola LS1203 (corded 1D laser) Honeywell 4145 Eclipse (corded 1D laser) Datalogic QuickScan QD2300 (1D laser)

12 12 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Competitive Overview Target Audience: Countertop General Purpose 1D Scanning Scenario Area Competitive Status Rationale/ Comments SG10T HW 5145 Eclipse Mot LS1203DL QD2300 Imager based reliability XXX Competition based on moving beam laser technology Lowest Acquisition price XXX Most attractive channel price vs Mot & DL. Below HW if added to TR. Best TCO XXX Imager based reliability will require fewer service calls and down time than lasers Plug and play Kits==== USB & KBW have become to std offer at this level with few to no complicating scanner options.

13 13 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Pricing Strategy Summary Introduce at a leading competitive price vs. existing laser based technologies. Best list and lowest price to drive volumes through DMARS.




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