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September 2011 Illinois State Board of Education “IBM Watson’s Response” How is Illinois Making Data Collection Easy?

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1 September 2011 Illinois State Board of Education “IBM Watson’s Response” How is Illinois Making Data Collection Easy?

2 Agenda  Welcome/Introductions  History of Project  Original Project Plan  What have we learned  Reports  SIS Online Process Overview  Student Course Assignment  How do we improve on the process?  Questions 2

3 Welcome/Introductions  ISBE Key Team Members - Terry Chamberlain Division Administrator – Data Systems - Mark Williams Division Administrator – CTE - Dora WelkerPrincipal Consultant – CTE  IBM Key Team Members - Howard HammelProject Manager - Adam LoweryLead Business Analysis - Jeremy SchoenBusiness Analysis - Cornelia (Neli) KelleyLead Developer 3

4 4 Welcome/Introductions  If "IBM Watson" had responded to the Category – - CTE Data Collection - Student Information System (SIS) that Connects to the Longitudinal Data System (LDS), the correct answer would have been – - How is Illinois making data collection easy?

5 History of Project  Understand Current Program Approval System (PAS) - Business Process - Architecture - Issues and Limitations  Understand Current Illinois Student Information System (ISIS) - Business Process - Architecture - Issues and Limitations 5

6 6 History of the Project  Work Flow

7 History of Project  Very labor intensive process - ISBE - EFEs - Schools  ISBE personnel have no access to the following, once CD of approved courses is sent to the EFE: - Local courses mapping to regional courses - Course enrollments - Courses that the EFE are not offering  Changes and enhancements are very difficult if not impossible  8000+ courses are not manageable  Innovation / change is discourage  Courses are being taught before they are approved 7

8 History of Project  There is no direct correlation to the Student Information System - Demographics - Enrollments - Assessment Data - Program Indicators  Annual Data Collection (There is no friendly way of retrieving of historical data)  Limited current reporting and no historical reporting  233 copies of the course file that are never in synch  Legacy system not keeping up with changes in technology - Costly - Time consuming - Less efficient 8

9 Original Project Plan 9

10 What have we learned  Illinois State Course System (ISCS) (Formerly Career and Technical Education Course System (CTEC)) - Replacement for Program Approval System (PAS) - Users are ISBE and EFE directors - Limit of 300 Courses  Student Information System (SIS) - Replacement for Illinois Student Information System (ISIS) - Users are ISBE and Home School Districts - Approximately 150,000 Students  Schedule - Pilot in School Year 2011 (2010 – 2011) - State wide Implementation school Year 2012 (2011 – 2012) 10

11 What have we learned  EFE Directors were able to assign courses to schools  Students were not enrolled at the Area Career Centers (ACC)  School Districts were able to submit Student Course Assignments  Communication Issues exists 11

12 What have we learned  Districts Submitting Student Course Assignments 12 RCDTDistrict Name CoursesStudentsC per S TotalCTEEnrolledCoursesCTE>0>*8 481Total7,275,995558,928663,388563,065260,418457421 46009262026A-C Central CUSD 262001370000 33048217026Abingdon CUSD 2173,24954426224719111 34049125013Adlai E Stevenson HSD 12551,2352,0284,2984,1801,27811 44063019024Alden Hebron SD 19001280000 03025010026Altamont CUSD 104,10454328927121411 41057011026Alton CUSD 1124,4592,5902,1962,1111,33311 28037225026AlWood CUSD 2252,42528915715311611 47052272026Amboy CUSD 2724,24361731528924511 02091081016Anna Jonesboro CHSD 816,79287856054738911 28037226026Annawan CUSD 2261,3771821111077911 11021306026Arcola CUSD 3062,53333520018712811 39055001026Argenta-Oreana CUSD 14,01026434530918011 07016217016Argo CHSD 21720,2241,9021,8991,77489511 54092225017Armstrong Twp HSD 225383616713 10 11021305026Arthur CUSD 3051,274115 1095411 47052275026Ashton-Franklin Center CUSD 2753,36235422320912711 22029001026Astoria CUSD 11,7063221341269711 38065213026Athens CUSD 213003380000 39074039026Atwood Hammond CUSD 391,70425013212610911 51084010026Auburn CUSD 107,70369745144025511 31045131022Aurora East USD 1312,575 3,310818 10 31045129022Aurora West USD 12940,1073,5873,6193,3311,68511 22029176026Avon CUSD 1761,02213375614711 51084005026Ball Chatham CUSD 516,2837741,4061,37048511 34049220026Barrington CUSD 22040,9732,8123,0682,9881,64811 31045101022Batavia USD 10111,9801,0451,8751,78877310 46009015026Beardstown CUSD 152,68568552641929210 03025020026Beecher City CUSD 201,75528813712711511 56099200U26Beecher CUSD 200U5,06761539638526211 50082201017Belleville Twp HSD 20161,1504,9495,4595,1412,30011

13 What have we learned 13 Course Letter GradeNumber of Course A1,727,563 A+131,421 A-368,838 Audit4,989 B1,582,535 B+235,572 B-256,151 C1,130,259 C+156,509 C-147,048 D627,345 D+75,078 D-70,811 F468,389 I6,618 S181,195 U4,300 W40,317 WP2,334 X7,971 Erroneous58,151 Total7,283,394

14 Reports 14

15 Reports 15

16 Reports 16

17 Reports 17

18 18 SIS Online Process Overview Request New SID - Add Demographics - Add New Enrollment - 11 grade H1 S1 FTE 0.5 - Add Program Indicators Search for Student - Add Second Enrollment – 11 grade (check) H1 S ACC - Add Course to both Enrollments

19 Search SID – Student Enrollment – Record 1 19

20 20 Search SID – Student Enrollment – Record 2

21 21 Student Course Assignment  Student Course Assignment can be added or updated via the following: - Online - Batch  Only the Home District can submit Student Course Assignment data  Student does NOT need to be actively enrolled at the time of submission  No student course assignments prior to school year 2011 (Earliest Student Course Start Date 07/01/2010)  Serving school can only see courses on students for which they are serving

22  Mandatory Fields - Term (Semester) - State Course Code - Student Course Start Date - Section Number - Course Level - Course Credit - Articulated Credit - Dual Credit - Course Setting - Student Course End Date - Course Final Letter Grade/Completion Status (Term) 22 Student Course Assignment Optional Fields - Local Course ID - Local Course Title - Actual Attendance (Classes) - Total Attendance (Classes) - Course Numeric Grade (Term) - Maximum Numeric Grade (Term) - Single Parent Including Single Pregnant Woman (Reported for CTE Courses Only) - Displaced Homemaker (Reported for CTE Courses Only)

23 23 Student Enrollment - Student Course Assignment

24 24 Student Course Assignment – View Courses

25 25 Student Course Assignment – Add Course

26 26 Student Course Assignment – View Course

27 27 Student Course Assignment – Edit Course

28 Student Course Assignment – View Courses 28

29 Student Course Assignment – Review Courses 29

30 Student Course Assignment – Update Successful 30

31 31 Student Course Assignment – Update Successful 31

32 How do we improve on the process?  Schools were not enrolling students at ACCs, Region Centers etc. - For 2012 school year, monitor school’s enrollments to ensure students are entered into the correct serving facilities.  If problems are identified, work with the school district to resolve  Schools were not identifying the serving RCDTS in the Student Course Assignment - For 2012 school year, monitor school’s Student Course Assignments to ensure the correct RCDTS are entered for the serving facilities.  If problems are identified, work with the school district to resolve 32

33 How do we improve on the process?  Questions - Schools and EFEs  Area Career Centers and Region Centers have multiple RCDTS codes. -Districts will need to use the RCDTS code that ends in 01  Districts did not assign students to serving sites. -In FY 12, district must assign to appropriate serving sites -EFEs have the capability to review the Enrollment reports to make sure schools are assigning to appropriate serving sites in FY 12.  Odin CHSD 700 and Odin SD 122 – Consolidated into Odin Public SD 722 – After 6-30- 11, FY 11 data is not showing up in the system for Odin CHSD 700. -Allow EFEs to see districts that have closed after 7-1--- to review reports.  Reports are not as easy to review. Have to review across multiple reports. -Reports are being developed to show the courses assigned by the EFE and include the summary information from the district at the same time.  EFEs and ACCs are not familiar with SIS at the district level. -Allow EFEs and ACCs to have access to SIS (View Only). 33

34 How do we improve on the process?  Questions  EFE just now noticed they did not assign a course to a school for FY 11. -Courses must be assigned to the school prior to instruction. Make sure the course is assigned for FY 12.  EFEs do not know where to go to assist districts in correcting their data. -There are many resources on the SIS webpage. If additional assistance is needed, have them call the helpdesk.  SIS contacts and EFEs do not know the deadline for correcting data. -All corrections for FY 11 be done and uploaded by the district by October 1, 2011. 34

35 Questions 35

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