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GE Healthcare AS Medical Diagnostics Norway Who are we today? What are our success criteria?

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1 GE Healthcare AS Medical Diagnostics Norway Who are we today? What are our success criteria?

2 2 / This is GE Healthcare Who we are: GE business segments Aviation Energy Enterprise Solutions Water Oil & Gas Commercial Finance GE Money Corporate Treasury Transportation Healthcare Technology Infrastructure Energy Infrastructure GE Capital NBC Universal GE is Imagination at Work - a diversified technology, media and financial services company focused on solving some of the world's toughest problems. With products and services ranging from aircraft engines, power generation, water processing and security technology to medical imaging, business and consumer financing, media content and industrial products, we serve customers in more than 100 countries and employ more than 320,000 people worldwide.

3 3 / This is GE Healthcare Broad solutions for healthcare Medical Diagnostics Electronic medical records Diagnostic imaging & Surgery Discovery tools Integrated admin. & clinical Clinical Systems Picture Archiving System (PACS) Protein & cell sciences Clinical tissue biomarkers Broad-based Diagnostics Life Sciences Information Technology

4 4 / This is GE Healthcare GE Healthcare $17B global business unit of GE $1B+/year in R&D investment –Over 2,000 research scientists –Nearly 1,000 PhDs –Multiple disciplines –45 different nationalities employees

5 5 / This is GE Healthcare Medical Diagnostics (~4500 employees) The only Pharmaceutical unit in GE World leader in contrast agents and nuclear medicine products for diagnostic imaging across all modalities.

6 6 / This is GE Healthcare GE Healthcare AS – Norwegian branch of Medical Diagnostics Milestones The exceptional R&D environment that has emerged in Norway since 1874 will continue to play an important role in the development of new products for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. This position was continued with the merger between Nycomed and Amersham International in further strengthened under GE Healthcare from 2004 Pharmacist Morten Nyegaard Founder of Nyegaard & Co, later Nycomed, in 1874 Nycomed’s first X-ray contrast medium, a copy prep. reg.1934 Nycomed develops world’s first non-ionic X-ray contrast medium in collaboration with Professor Torsten Almén of Lund, Sweden Omnipaque, 2nd generation non-ionic X-ray contrast medium, for many years ranked among the top 10 pharma- ceutical products sold world-wide.

7 7 / This is GE Healthcare GE Healthcare AS Total revenues (incl exports): $ 1,0 billion In market sales: $15,5 million R&D 55 $ (ex 5.11) 136’ $ (08’) ( approx. 1 mill $ 09’) approx. 200 employees GEHC total no of employees: Largest Pharma player in Norway Lindesnes site (Primary manuf. 350 employees) Oslo site (Sec. manuf., R&D, 650 employees)

8 8 / This is GE Healthcare Key promoted brands Launched 2000 First agent to identify Parkinson’s Disease Launched 1996 Myocardial perfusion Launched 1993 Non-ionic MRI All disease areas Launched 1982 Global Gold standard All disease areas Launched 1993 ONLY Iso-Osmolar media All disease areas ProductDescription~ Annual Rev $m >500m >700m >300m >180m >40m

9 9 / This is GE Healthcare So what’s makes a success? (I) Key competences – focus Decisiveness (privately owned at the time) Available funding The right product area – niche(?) The right product opportunity - IPR Key competence - develop

10 10 / This is GE Healthcare So what’s makes a success? (II) Right strategy (build from strength) –Leverage partnerships (Schering/Daiichi/Sterling) & local strength –Transition to own presence (Schering-Sterling) –Focus on core competencies (CM…) –Continuous improvements (Lindesnes/primary production – retain competitiveness) –Long term R&D strategy and continuous investments (build capacity + feed pipeline) –Business Dvlp – M&A X

11 11 / This is GE Healthcare Predict Gene Assay Molecular Diagnostics Predict & Prevent Disease … Detect Protein In Vitro (IVD) Pinpoint Imaging Imaging, IVD Track and Verify Molecular Imaging Prevent/Treat Molecular Therapeutics The Future … Molecular Medicine Molecular Therapeutics Molecular Imaging Molecular Diagnostics

12 12 / This is GE Healthcare Diagnose and treat before symptoms appear Provide treatments tailored to individual’s genetic makeup Focusing on cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's Collaborating with leading pharmaceutical companies and medical researchers GE in best position to grow and leverage Molecular Medicine

13 13 / This is GE Healthcare Portfolio spans modalities and diseases Cardiology Oncology Neurology Urology Optical Imaging Targeted SPECT PETMRISPECTX-Ray/CT AnatomyFunctionPerfusionViabilityMetabolism Contrast MediaMolecular Imaging

14 14 / This is GE Healthcare Post GE – why Norway? Focus on core competencies (CM + MI)  feed product pipeline Continuous improvements (Lindesnes/primary production – maintain competitiveness)  Available competence – limitations Norway  Available funding  need competitive environment (R&D/technology developments: incentives) – global competition  Norway need to stay competitive – do’s & don’ts: –Cost levels  invest in high tech/focus on cost drivers –Funding  develop incentives – establish competitive advantages – commercialization is key –Competence  education + “brain” import simplification –Do not create obstacles  harmonized rules & regulations

15 Takk! Spørsmål?

16 16 / This is GE Healthcare What is Pharma? $650B global market $500MM - $1B sales per year Highly regulated industry from development through marketing General patent life ~ 20 yrs Average drug development 10 – 15 yrs at a cost of greater than $1B* Generally thought of as encompassing therapeutic drugs, both branded and generic Chronic administration Therapeutics Diagnostics $7B global market Sub-segment of the pharmaceutical industry (“specialty pharma”) $50 - $200MM sales per year Drugs used to aid in diagnostic imaging procedures that highlight organs, tissues and processes in the body Acute administration Only 2 products approved in past 10 years POS ranges from 16% phase 1 to 50% phase 3 *Includes costs of failed compounds

17 17 / This is GE Healthcare Fra Nyegaard & Co til GE Healthcare 1874 Morten Nyegaard, cand pharm 1890 Nyegaard & Co (Nyco) 1986Nycomed AS 1992Nycomed Imaging AS 1997Nycomed Amersham Imaging AS 2001 Amersham Health AS 2004GE Healthcare

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