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Chapter 1; Section 1 What is Science?

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1 Chapter 1; Section 1 What is Science?

2 What Science Is and Is Not
Science is always _______________________. Science is NOT just a collection of _______________________________facts. Examples of science changing: Pluto is changed to a dwarf planet Depiction of dinosaurs Genetics and gene therapy changing never-changing

3 What Science Is and Is Not
Science is an organized way of _____________ and ________________ evidence about the natural world. Science is a process because it is a way of ____________, a way of _____________, and “a way of ______________” about the world. gathering analyzing looking thinking knowing

4 events in the natural world
The Goals of Science The goals of science are to give explanations for ___________________________, to understand ____________________, and to make ____________________. events in the natural world patterns predictions

5 Scientific Methodology
There isn’t any ____________________ “scientific method.” There is a general process of investigation called scientific methodology. Scientific studies always begins with an ___________________. Observations lead to _____________________. Scientists use further observations to make _____________________________. one or single observation new questions/problems inferences

6 Examples of Inferences

7 Observations Inferences Fire Trees Smoke Brush Light Large fire
Deciduous trees Conifers hot smells daytime dangerous spreads crackling, popping, and hissing wind

8 What’s an Inference? An inference is a logical conclusion based on experience and prior knowledge Metal that is white and glowing = ?? Water that is in a beaker that is boiling = ?? Ice/snow outside = ?? Facial expressions

9 Observations How do we observe?? Sight Sound Touch/Feel Smell Taste


11 What’s a Hypothesis? A hypothesis is a scientific __________________ that can be __________. ***A hypothesis is NOT an educated guess*** explanation tested

12 Designing Controlled Experiments
Testing a hypothesis involves an experiment that keeps track of ________________. Only __________ variable is changed while all other variables should be unchanged or ______________________. Controlling variables is important to an experiment because it shows which variable influenced the result of the experiment. variables one controlled

13 The Control Group An experiment is divided into _____________ and experimental groups. A control group is necessary because…it provides data for comparison. It sets a base for comparison. control

14 Collecting and Analyzing Data
Quantitative _____________________________ data are numbers found by counting or measuring. Examples: _____________________________ data describe things that cannot be counted. Experimental and controls groups are very _______________ because the larger the sample size, the more __________________ scientists are about their data analysis. Qualitative large confident

15 Drawing Conclusions Using data, scientists can ________________, _____________________, or draw a valid _______________________. support/refute change the hypothesis conclusion

16 When Experiments are NOT Possible
____________________ keeps scientists from doing certain kinds of experiments. Ethics are beliefs about what is _____________________________________. Examples: Animal experimentation Genetic engineering Cloning Stem cell research Ethics right and/or wrong

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