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1 Tomorrows Workplace Preparing for the Future: An Employers Roadmap October 22, 2009 Surrey, B.C.


3 Role of Sector Councils Sector councils provide industry-driven labour market solutions in key sectors of the economy by bringing together the main partners: Employers Employees Educators Governments Other relevant stakeholders

4 Population: 65 and Over (% share) Source: United Nations, Statistics Canada and The Conference Board of Canada

5 Immigration Offers a Solution Three Ways to Address HR Challenge of Aging Population –Increase Number of Births –Increase Number of Older People in Workforce –Increase Immigration Source: The Conference Board of Canada

6 Challenge for Employers Many Do Not Know Where to Start Unaware of Skills and Talents of ITWs Unsure If Experience & Skills are Transferable Anticipate Difficulty in Recruitment and Integration

7 Resources: Examples of Categories General Credential Assessment and Evaluation Diversity and Employee Integration Language

8 Resources (Contd) National Regional Sectoral –Sector Councils

9 Sector Councils Resources Information Communications Technology Council ICTC developed a report on barriers to recruitment and integration of IEPs to better understand the issues as they pertain to Canada s ICT sector. Developed a framework to enable Canada to become a worldwide leader in the attraction, retention and integration of IEPs into the ICT sector.

10 Environmental Careers Org. of Canada (ECO Canada) Administration of a nationally recognized certification program that demonstrates an environmental practitioners level of competency to employers, clients and peers. A CEPIT designation verifies foreign credentials and allows newcomers to Canada to gain a Canadian designation, which increases their chances of employment and promotion.

11 Who Does What in FCR Overview of credentialing services

12 Gateway to Careers/Potentiel et carrieres – –

13 The Employers Roadmap -Comprehensive and Practical -Used in FCR Workshops

14 Hiring Recruitment, Assessment, Selection. Awareness Training and Support Retaining/ Integrating Why should I hire an internationally trained worker? Who else is doing it? How do internationally trained workers compare with other workers? Do I need to make changes to the workplace? Are their language skills adequate? How do their qualifications compare with Canadian standards? Do they have enough Canadian experience? How can they get certified? Do they need special training? Where can I find internationally trained workers? How do I bring internationally trained workers into Canada? How can internationally trained workers be supported to be most effective? How do I build a team with a diverse work force? How can I get more involved? Hiring & Retaining Internationally-Trained Workers The Employers Roadmap Frequently Asked Questions Section 2 Why should I hire internationally trained workers? Section 3 How do I recruit internationally trained workers Hiring and Retaining Internationally Trained Workers Diagram adapted from The Alliance of Sector Councils FCR Workshop Materials Section 1 The roadmap: Whats in it for me? Section 4 How do I assess and select internationally trained workers? Section 5 How can I integrate and retain internationally trained workers? Section 6 Sharing your success

15 Applying the Roadmap FCR101 Workshops - 40 Workshops, Aimed Primarily at SMEs -Increase Awareness of the Importance of the Benefits of Hiring and Retaining ITWs -Share Knowledge of the Tools and Resources Available to Help Employers with the Process -Stronger Collaboration Between Key Stakeholders

16 Session in Your Community Sessions Customized to Local/Sector Needs Half hour, Two hour or Half day Sessions Standalone or Part of Another Event

17 George Khoury Director of Programs The Alliance of Sector Councils 151 Slater Street, Suite 608 Ottawa, Ontario CA K1P 5H3 613 565 3637

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