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ARU New Project Portfolio 2004 Martti Mäntylä HIIT/ARU.

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1 ARU New Project Portfolio 2004 Martti Mäntylä HIIT/ARU

2 Continuing Project Portfolio 2004

3 Submitted Project Proposals

4 Opportunities CEC FP6 IST Second Call of Applications, October 15, 2003 TEKES NETS Last Call, October 30, 2003 –Including “Counterstream”, CELTIC Finnish part CELTIC 1st call, November 30, 2003 TEKES Open Call, no deadline but preferably by end of November CEC FP6 “Priority 7” - First Call - Part C - Networks of Excellence and Integrated Projects, December 10, 2003 2004: TEKES follow-up program for UTT? Health technology and systems? SPIN follow-up??

5 IPIS IPIS: Intellectual Property in Information Society Olli Pitkänen et al. TEKES open call, aiming at 90% funding from TEKES ("strategic research") Co-operation with SIMS Companies: –TBD

6 RIPOS RIPOS: Risks and Prospects of Open Source Markku Stenborg (ETLA), Mikko Välimäki, Ville Oksanen TEKES open call Consortium HIIT + ETLA Companies: –SOT Oy, TietoEnator, MySQL, VM, HP, Novo, Fujitsu-Invia, IBM, Nokia, …

7 SALMON SALMON: Sharing as an Alternative for Locking up the Music On the Net Ville Oksanen, Yki Kortesniemi et al. TEKES NETS “Counterstream“

8 “Welfare of Nations II” Welfare of Nations II: Dynamics of Chinese Information Society Pekka Himanen TEKES open call Consortium HIIT + BCIS + Barcelona Open University (Manuel Castells) Companies: –TBD

9 PT-P2P Managing Privacy and Trust in P2P Communication –Secure content distribution over wireless links (in proximity networks) –Focus on privacy, trust, and economy/business models Yki Kortesniemi, Martti Mäntylä TEKES open call? TEKES NETS? Companies: –TBD

10 RMW RMW: Reflective Middleware for Personal Networking Kimmo Raatikainen TEKES NETS “Counterstream”

11 PISE PISE: Pan-European Integrated Service Creation and Distribution Environment Alcatel; Anton Puolakka, Martti Mäntylä TEKES NETS -> Eureka CELTIC 1st call Consortium Alcatel + approx. 10 others Companies: –TeliaSonera, Elisa

12 KMI Keep Me Informed: Peer-to-Peer Context Triggered Messaging and Information Sharing –New forms of messaging and information sharing in small closed groups on the basis of context reasoning –User-centric studies, demonstration system implementation based on OS components, field testing Martti Mäntylä TEKES NETS Consortium: HIIT + HUT/INIT

13 Managing Change in New Economy Managing change in new economy Petteri Laaksonen, TBRC; Perttu? TEKES open call, or the planned continuation of UTT? Consortium TBRC + HIIT + others Companies: –StoraEnso, Nokia, TeliaSonera, UPM-Kymmene, Metso, IBM, ABB, …

14 CEC Projects for 2nd Call, 15.10.2003 IP: Mobilife (Patrik Floréen, Martti Mäntylä, Olli Pitkänen) IP: Assist (Kimmo Raatikainen) IP: IRMAS (Petri Myllymäki) STREP: Smartware (Kimmo Raatikainen) NoE: Mynet (Martti Mäntylä, Antti Oulasvirta)

15 Next Steps Portfolio seminar: 2.10.2003 9-12.30 –Invite key companies (Nokia, TeliaSonera, Elisa, Alma-Media, YLE, TietoEnator, …) Selection and focusing on the basis of the feedback from the seminar Visit key companies (joint presentations) Individual company visits per project Visit TEKES

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