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Best Practices in Short Term Medical Missions

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1 Best Practices in Short Term Medical Missions
Ron Brown, M.A. Associate Director GHO CMDA Nov. 12, 2010

2 Presentation Outline Philosophy of Ministry
Partnership with Local Host Ministry Preparing and Recruiting Local Host Responsibility Arrival and Clinic Week Extracurricular Activities Leave Taking/ Farewell/ Re-Entry

3 Philosophy of Ministry
Purpose Use short-term medical missions for a long-term impact Host Ministry / Patients / Participants Local Church is Priority Goals Use medical / dental clinics to open doors for evangelism and discipleship Matt 28: 19 “Go and make disciples of all nations…”

4 Philosophy of Ministry Cont’d
Servant Attitude Use Jesus model of being a servant Came to serve, not be served Washed feet!!! Be a learner Learn and apply principles of Biblical humility, cross cultural sensitivity Serve to empower local church / local ministries

5 Partnership with Local Host Ministry
Pastor (s) Missionary Para Church Group Local Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, etc.

6 Partnership Cont’d Keys: Going to serve them vs. * Dependency Issues
Going to help them plant, grow and strengthen their local church Often requires an initial site visit to prepare for successful outreach with minimal surprises

7 Preparing and Recruiting
Spiritual and Cross Cultural Preparation Books, Articles, Web pages Team Composition Team Leadership: Medical/ Dental/ Spiritual Directors Team of 20 = 4-6 providers, 1-2 dentists, dental hygienist/ assistant, 1-2 pharmacist, 3-4 RNs, PT, 3+ logistics Nationals compliment team in registration, logistics, crowd control, counseling/ evangelism, drinks & meals, travel, discipleship & follow up

8 Preparing and Recruiting Cont’d
Budget Travel In-Country Expenses Formulary, Supplies, Gifts, etc. Fund Raising Letter Family and Friends Local Church Civic Groups

9 Preparing and Recruiting Cont’d
Formulary (Medical Director, Pharmacist) Equipment Triage, Lab and supplies Dental Extractions Restorative - more equipment intensive Community Health Materials, Wheel chairs, etc. Readers, Sunglasses

10 Local Host Responsibilities
Strategic Purpose for Medical Clinics Why are we going to this place at this time? What are long term goals and purpose Registration of Docs + In-Country Customs and Immigration Be Proactive, Know what is needed!!! Mexico, Nicaragua, China, India * Security Concerns

11 Local Host Responsibilities Cont’d
Interpreters: Key Players!!! Promote Volunteerism, Kingdom Mindset Evangelism, Counseling, Discipleship / Follow-up Promotion of Clinic Week (s) Logistics of Travel, Lodging, Meals, Water, etc.

12 Areas of Concern for You
* Security * Areas of Concern for You Open or Closed / Limited access country Police, Public Security Bureau, etc. Vehicle Safety and Accidents Buddy System

13 Security Cont’d Insurance Orientation for: Crisis Management Plan
Adams and Associates Red Orientation for: Crisis Management Plan Hostage Situations, War, Natural Disasters Governmental Action , Governmental Coup Events that create negative public attention Terrorist action or threat Multiple deaths , Kidnapping, Criminal Actions

14 Arrival and Clinic Week (Adapt to Open or Closed Country)
Orientation with Team Leader & Medical Director Local Pastors Local Physicians Set up Medical Clinic Set up Dental Clinic Set up Pharmacy/ Pre-packing meds

15 Clinic Layout School is Ideal / Complex with central gate
Church with classrooms Registration by local team members Counseling / Evangelism end of clinic Local pastors decide Local believers to lead Triage Consults Pharmacy

16 Maximize Filter, Flow, Patient consideration
Outside waiting area / Gate Keeper!!! Filter to Registration area Quiet area for counseling/ evangelism Triage Organize Consults by special needs GYN/ PEDS/ Portable Ultrasound/ etc. Basics each consult Analgesics, vitamins, anti-parasite Pharmacy placement near exit

17 Clinic Function Other clinics / Com. Health training/ Reading and Sun Glasses, others Counseling area (Evangelism/ Discipleship) Maximize Patient Flow Local church participation/ Local Health Care Professionals Partnership

18 Team Spiritual Development (Spiritual Director)
Team Devotions AM/ PM Volunteers to lead AM Music Worship Another share their testimony Team Pastor for PM/ deeper Bible Study Early AM optional accountability groups Men and Women Evening Debriefing/ Grand Rounds Coordinate with Team Leader, Medical Dir and Spiritual Dir God Sightings

19 Extracurricular Activities
Focus on serving local pastors and community Children’s Program / Mini VBS Pastor’s Conference/ Training Great way to engage the local pastors, local ministries dedicated to pastor training, discipleship GO International Downline Ministries Music/ Drama (Best done by local hosts) Crusade for Christ (locally directed)

20 Leave Taking/ Farewell/ Re-Entry
Final Fellowship Dinner with local partners Recognition of Local Pastors, Hosts, Spouses Appropriate gifts, Special Thank You!!! In-Country follow up Discipleship/ Medical/ Dental/ Surgical Final Debriefing evening (weekend) with team Re-Entry Booklet/ Devotional Review Re-Entry issues, team help each other Face to Face, phone, , etc.

21 Accountability Team Family Home Church
Acts 1:8 Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Uttermost Church Mission’s Committee Local Outreaches / Inner City/ Un- and Under- insured clinics, Native Indian communities

22 Taking it to the Next Level
Saline Solution Conference/ DVD Set by CMDA Impact on your own practice Spanish version Multiply efforts in community, state, professional associations, etc. Perspectives Course on the World Christian Movement 15 week class on the Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic Perspective

23 Taking it to Next Level Cont’d
WARNING!!! Focus on Completing the Great Commission… This could lead to Full-Time Medical Mission Call Tim Peklo, Tom Boeve, Mark and Mona, Tom Hoak, Rachel Middleton, Tom Bonifield, Dan Johnson, to name a few families and individuals in recent years…

24 Taking it to Next Level Cont’d
Remember why we do this It’s not about us IT’S ALL ABOUT HIM “No Reserve” “No Retreat” “No Regrets” Life and Death of William Borden

25 Resources Site Visit Form / GHO Mission Survival Kit
David Stevens, MD/ Gene Rudd, MD CMDA Bookstore CHE Community Health Evangelism (Education)

26 Resources Cont’d Community Health Materials
Ripe for Harvest / Coming Home: A Deeper Roots Publication Chorus Booklet GHO Saline Solution CMDA

27 Resources Cont’d Perspectives Course World Wide Lab
* Dependency Issues Glenn Schwartz World Wide Lab Dental Handbook for Short-Term Mission Trips Jack Shuler, DDS, FAGD Nardos J. Shuler World Dental Relief

28 Resources Cont’d Fund Raising Letter Sample GHO Formulary Sample GHO
H. Bruce Carr Praxis Meds IDA Evangecube Readers from Sharkeyes L.A., CA $.67 a pair

29 Resources Cont’d Books for Spiritual Preparation
Jesus MD / David Stevens, MD CMDA bookstore Miracle at Tenwek / The Life of Dr. Ernie Steury by Gregg Lewis CMDA bookstore Humility C J MaHanney Pursuit of God A W Tozer Biographies of Hudson Taylor, William Carey, Cameron Townsend, others

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