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1 May 10, 2011 A Sustainability Story by Kevin Adkins.

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1 1 May 10, 2011 A Sustainability Story by Kevin Adkins

2 O NCE UPON A TIME 2 A Green Builder with a bum knee returns to school 2006. Co-creator, Student Organization for Sustainability (SOS), Fall 2007. Sustainability Advisory Group (SAG), Spring 2008.

3 AASHE Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Our mission is to empower higher education to lead the sustainability transformation. We do this by providing resources, professional development, and a network of support to enable institutions of higher education to model and advance sustainability in everything they do, from governance and operations to education and research. 3 A great resource for faculty!

4 N EXT S TEPS 4 Attend AASHE convention, Fall 2008. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville joins AASHE. SIUE all- faculty meeting Earth Day 2009. Propose graduate assistantship, Spring 2009. Assistantship begins, Summer 2009.

5 2009-2010 A B IG A CADEMIC Y EAR 5 “Creating a Culture of Sustainability: Integrating Sustainability with Courses and Curricula.” Three workshops (sponsored by SAG) were held on in Fall 2009. Dr. Jennifer Rehg (Anthropology) Dr. Jessica DeSpain (English) Dr. Connie Frey (Sociology & Criminal Justice) Dr. Yvonne Mitkos (Instructional Services) Kathleen Gardner (Associate Director of Student Life) Kevin Adkins (Sustainability Officer) Ball State, Fall 2009, Dr. Connie Fry.

6 E ARTH D AY 2010 6 Sustainability website and bike share program officially launched on Thursday, April 22, 2010 as part of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.

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8 F AST F ORWARD TO N OW 8 AASHE faculty workshop, Summer 2010 Dr. Connie Fry. The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) assessment began Fall 2010. AASHE faculty workshop, Winter 2011, Dr. Brian Henderson Following in the much-honored footsteps of the Piedmont Project (Emory) and the Ponderosa Project (Northern Arizona University) is SIUE’s Mississippi Project.

9 S USTAINABILITY 9 “To meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” The three dimensions of sustainability: Environmental Social Economic


11 A NOTHER DIAGRAM 11 Life on Earth: shows the dependency of the society and the economy on the environment.

12 Rather than a definition, a question: 12 What sustains us? Food, clothing, shelter Family Play Education Communities

13 S OCIAL SUSTAINABILITY 13 "Social sustainability occurs when the formal and informal processes; systems; structures; and relationships actively support the capacity of current and future generations to create healthy and liveable communities. Socially sustainable communities are equitable, diverse, connected and democratic and provide a good quality of life.“ --Western Australia Council of Social Services We define social justice as equal access to resources and opportunity. We believe sustainability in our environment is not possible until people can meet their own needs. --Sustainable Seattle

14 A LL BOTTOM LINES ARE NOT CREATED EQUALLY 14 Depending on the context, the economic and environmental elements of sustainability get the most attention. The environment is photogenic. Easy-action oriented: drive less, turn out the lights, conserve water.

15 E CONOMIC B OTTOM LINE 15 $$$$$$$$$$$$

16 H ERE AT SIUE 16 STUDENTS – SOS Recycling Distributing water bottles T-shirts Bike rides Making recycled notebooks Earth Day Celebrations ADMINISTRATION – SAG SAG provides leadership for SIUE sustainability initiatives that lead to social justice, economic prosperity and ecologic integrity. Improve teaching and learning; Prepare students for citizenship and careers; Attract students, faculty, and funding; Save money and other resources for the institution and for society; Improve and enhance the institution’s reputation; Increase cooperation and satisfaction within institutional units; Provide leadership for local and regional economic development; Provide leaders for a sustainable future.

17 S USTAINABILITY IN THE CURRICULUM 17 As part of a 2009 sustainability audit, SIUE faculty were asked to identify courses that concentrated on sustainability or included sustainability as a course component or module. Over 40 courses were identified in fields as diverse as Biology, Business, Anthropology, Engineering, Philosophy and Environmental Science. Impressive list > many of the usual suspects: Ecology Wildlife Management Conservation Solid Waste Management Transportation Planning Strategic Management Resource Management Climatology Environment & Economic Concerns

18 A S USTAINABLE C URRICULUM 18 Sustainability Education → Paradigm Shift Active, experiential, and outdoor learning. A sustainability-infused curriculum. A University culture that embraces sustainability. Kevin Adkins Senior Assignment May 1, 2009 Who Acts? Factors that Influence Levels of Pro-Environmental Behavior

19 C ONCLUSION 19 There may not be an economic or environmental aspect to every course, but there is a social element in every classroom.

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