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Using Exhibits in TMG & Pathwiz!

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1 Using Exhibits in TMG & Pathwiz!
Diana Johnson 16 April 2011

2 Unlock the Past Cruise 2011

3 Who am I ? Married to Trevor – a non genie!
Mother to two beautiful children who left us too soon B.A. Hons; M.B.A.; G.C.C.M IT professional with IBM Australia Ltd 10 years of family history research Core research areas: England, France Extended areas: Scotland, NZ, Australia & US Website:

4 Agenda TMG Exhibit Log Exhibits Pathwiz! What? Where? How?
Examples in my database Pathwiz!

5 TMG Exhibit Log Types of Exhibits Images Audio Video Text OLE Objects
Will of James Rout Types of Exhibits Images Audio Video Text OLE Objects George Whitby’s wedding July 1901 Amy Starr c 1900 Map of Molland Church Street, Ware

6 Attaching Exhibits Attach to… Usage Examples Where Person duh!
Person View Event wedding, baptism, graduation etc Source A letter, a will, an obituary, etc Master Source List Place Images of the area Master Place List Repository Eg. an inventory of all artifacts in your home repository Master Repository Citation Census printout, birth certificate etc General Topics None of the above…. Exhibit Log

7 Examples from my Sandbox
People Events Places

8 Exhibit Properties General Audio
Topic – Exhibit Name (use in filtering & sorting) Reference – to any artifact numbering system you may use or paper items External Path Audio Info – Technical info describing exhibit Description – identifies the exhibit in detail and by caption Filters – by Type of exhibit and by Exhibit Name

9 By BeeSoft 2007

10 Pathwiz! by Beesoft Author Bryan Wetton, resident in South Australia
Web sites and Marketed by Wholly Genes Gould Genealogy Price $25 AUD

11 Functions Change Exhibit Log details Create an Exhibit Catalogue (
Path, topic, caption, reference, description or exhibit file name Create an Exhibit Catalogue ( MSWord, pdf, CSV, etc All exhibits or filtered list 10 routines that operate globally on the entire Exhibit Log Image Editing capabilities Advanced Functions Toggle alternative exhibit paths to a “skinny” image set Replace internal/external exhibits

12 Pathwiz! Demo By an inexperienced amateur With apologies to Bryan

13 Questions?

14 Backup

15 Internal vs External Exhibits
Backup Automatic backup but it takes longer User controlled as required Change Location Automatic Each link must be updated separately Quantity that can be stored Limited by space Limited by space to an extent but removable media can be used Exhibit Changes Must be made to individually to each occurrence Automatic when change saved to file Multiple occurrences Add each individually One file linked multiple times Supported by Second Site No Yes

16 Image Size Dimension Resolution Colour

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