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What is Geography? World Studies.

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1 What is Geography? World Studies

2 Important Distinction
We have one Earth, divided into……. 7 continents (large pieces of land) Each continent is broken into regions (areas that share similar characteristics) Each continent is also divided into one or more countries. Australia (the continent) contains Australia (the country) Africa (the continent is divided into 55 countries!) Countries contain their own regions, as well as cities.

3 Our World

4 Let’s look at Africa the Continent
Physical Africa Africa Divided into Countries

5 A Closer Look… A region of Africa A country in that region

6 What is Geography? Simple definition: The study of the Earth and it’s people. Better definition: The study of where people, places, and things are located and how they related to each other.

7 Why is geography important in World Studies?
We will learn the location of continents, regions, countries, cities. Helps us better understand our world, its people, and cultures. Where are different people and cultures located? What impact does physical geog. have on people? Helps us study and understand history. Helps us on a daily basis…how?

8 Two Main Branches of Geography
Physical Human Studies the physical/ natural features of the Earth. Mountains, rivers, tectonic plates, oceans, volcanoes, natural resources. Studies the interaction between people and the natural features of the Earth. Farming, cities, culture, migration patterns, habitat, political boundaries.

9 5 Themes of Geography M ovement R egion L ocation I nteraction P lace
Used to help us understand the links between people and the Earth. M ovement R egion L ocation I nteraction P lace Remember MR. LIP!

10 Movement Examines the movement of people, goods, and ideas.
Movements often occur together. How did Christianity end up in America? Why do Mexicans speak Spanish? Why is Polish sausage popular in Chicago?

11 Region An area with similar and unifying characteristics.
Similarities may be physical (ie Rocky mts.) Similarities may be cultural, political, or economic (ie the Muslim world) What are some characteristics of the Chicagoland region?

12 Location The position of a place on the Earth’s surface.
Can be relative (Harlan is in Chicago) or exact (Harlan is located at 9652 S. Michigan Ave.) How else could you describe the relative location of Harlan?

13 Interaction Studies the relationship between people and their environment. How to people use the Earth’s resources to satisfy their needs? Water for irrigation, land for farming, trees to build houses, oil as fuel. What are potential negative outcomes to human interaction with the Earth?

14 Place The physical and human characteristics of a location.
Describe Chicago…


16 What is a map? A map is a two dimensional representation of a part or all of the Earth’s surface. Shows us physical and political features of the Earth. Can also show us information such as population density or climate.

17 Scale of a Map What a distance on a map is equal to on the ground.
Different maps have different scales. As we zoom in, scale becomes larger.

18 Important Parts of a Map
Compass Rose- shows direction on a map. Scale- shows what a distance on a map is actually equal to on Earth. Key- tells us what different symbols, colors and lines on a map mean.

19 Map Projections Map projections are ways of showing a round Earth on a flat map. There is no perfect map…all flat maps distort the Earth in some way. Distortions may include: change in shape, change of distance, change in size, change in direction.

20 The Globe

21 Mercator Projection

22 Robinson Projection

23 Interrupted Projection

24 Different Types of Maps
Physical Maps Shows features such as mountains, plains, rivers and oceans. Focus is on natural features and not cities, countries, and borders. I see the Alps Mts. but have no idea where Paris is.

25 Different Types of Maps
Political Maps The focus is on cities, countries, states, and borders. I see France but where is the Danube River?

26 Different Types of Maps
Thematic/ Special Purpose Map These maps focus on specific information such as population density or resource distribution.

27 Different Types of Maps
Historical Maps Shows how a certain area has changed over time. Shows what a certain area used to look like. I see the Holy Roman Empire, but where’s Germany?

28 Different Types of Maps
The Globe A globe is the most accurate representation of the Earth because it is round like the Earth. A globe shows us the truest sizes of land and bodies of water.

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