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You never stop marketing Monitor Build Outreach Evaluate.

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4 You never stop marketing


6 Monitor Build Outreach Evaluate

7 News & Info NewspaperCable TVRadioWebsite/BlogsEventsSocial media Build Who’s on your team? Spokesperson Form your message Test Develop tools Staff training/onboard What do you want people to do?

8 Writing, speaking, graphics, social media, and connecting

9 Don’t put all your eggs in one basket


11 Monitor Build Outreach Evaluate



14 1. All about them 2. Hearts then minds 3. Make it simple 4. Make it quick 5. Make it yours 6. All senses 7. Repeat, repeat, and oh yeah, repeat 8. Test it out

15 “When a dog bites a man no one cares. When the man bites back-- now that’s a news story.”

16 NEWSWORTHY? Timing Impact/ Significance Proximity Prominence Human Interest Conflict Unusual

17 Olympic Silver Medalist Adopts a Family of Stray Dogs he found in Sochi

18 Swansea library cat causes controversy More than just books: Arizona libraries add public health nurses New broadband network launched in Otis, will serve central and western Mass. Project aims to let libraries share e-books FIGHTING 'DIGITAL LOCKOUT' Salisbury votes to build new library Springfield City Councilor Tim Allen named Library Advocate of the Year Libraries are a tech and reading hub Amazon vs. your public library Abandoned Walmart is Now America’s Largest Library East Longmeadow Public Library offers weekly reading for children with Bright Spot therapy dogs Seeing their way to new skills Library Headlines

19 “My biggest fear is that we’ll end up on the Jon Stewart Show”

20  Don’t give your personal opinion  Don’t just say “No Comment”  Don’t answer inappropriate questions  Don’t drop everything  Don’t use negatives  Don’t use always and never  Don’t overwhelm with information  Don’t go “off the record”  Don’t use sarcasm or humor  Don’t be defensive

21  Use bridging statements to get back to your message  Stay within your field of knowledge  Recognize your emotions  Make sure there is consistency in the message  It’s OK to say “I don’t know”  Follow-up with information in writing  Have a strong finish

22 Public speaking is the number one fear in America

23 Remember Billy Joel Get off to a good start Finish Strong

24 Everyday


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