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Simple innovations sometimes have a world transforming effect. Abhijit Bhattacharjee CEO, Luna Ergonomics Pvt Ltd. #11, JSSATE STEP. Sec 62, Noida, India.

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1 Simple innovations sometimes have a world transforming effect. Abhijit Bhattacharjee CEO, Luna Ergonomics Pvt Ltd. #11, JSSATE STEP. Sec 62, Noida, India The quest for spices of India had set the age of Exploration. A shorter route to it had resulted in the discovery of America!

2 A long time ago… a small design switch. A new idea on how to express numbers moved from India to the world. It took 10 centuries. It was, without a doubt, better than the popular Roman numbers (in every aspect) yet took a long time to displace them. It started in India before the 5th century. It was taken up by the Arabs in the 8th century. Then introduced in Europe in the 10th century. Europe was using it everywhere only just before Columbus stepped into the New World! 1. 2. The new place value number system simplified arithmetic, paving the way for rapid progress in science and technology. Later yet, it made the binary computer possible. PLACE VALUE DECIMAL SYSTEM

3 In 2009, a new way to type on phones started its journey from India. It supported easier typing in all languages and spread worldwide. A disruptive design paradigm in how we could type.

4 The new idea was full of advantages and solved all the problems. For the user Cut down key presses by over 300%. Much faster to type. Easy to use, easy to learn. Ergonomic to thumb. No multi-taps or chording. Intuitive for all social classes. Easy to form complex Asian conjuncts. Works well for names, places. Balance of Assistance and Control. For the device manufacturer All languages on the same phone. No printed keypads. Identical usability for all phones. Both Basic phones & Touch-phones. No hardware change required. Lightweight with common algorithms. Easy to implement reliably, low cost. Supports hundreds of languages. Identical usability for all languages. It was a new bicycle for typing on phones and digital devices. The new technology was called CleverTexting TM and (Panini Keypad TM in India.) The keypad itself was made intelligent, responsive and dynamic. It fully optimized the input efforts for complex scripts through statistics, smart algorithms and a new ergonomic usability. Only predicted characters were shown on screen from which the user chose conveniently. The predictions were extremely accurate because they came from statistical correlation and linguistics and worked for words inside and outside the dictionary. It resulted in a radically simplified, efficient and unified typing process for all complex scripts on all types of digital interfaces.

5 What indeed was a problem? China, India, Japan, Korea, other South Asians, Arabs, Soviet Cyrillic countries, others. Non-latin scripts make up over 3 Billion of the 5 Billion phone users today.users today The scripts of Asia, have much larger alphabets than English, hence cannot be supported on full keypads, nor can they be supported through many multi-taps. Not practical to have printed custom keypads for every language. Also no space. Therefore, most scripts are unsupported or poorly supported today and users are struggling. They cannot store an address book, or text messages, nothing. There is an eminent critical need to support efficient typing in all these languages to bring digital access to the developing world but the challenges in the quagmire had kept it an intractable problem for long, particularly in South Asia. Also, all continental European languages use accents which are poorly supported in the QWERTY keypads. Africa too had a unified script aspiration for its languages.accentsaspiration

6 How has CleverTexting TM solved that problem? CleverTexting TM accurately predicts only a limited set of characters from a large alphabet at each point. It exploits the intrinsic statistical nature of each language to optimize the predictions. You choose using the numeric keys on a basic phone or choose directly on a touch phone. Also, limited characters on the screen makes them larger and easier to choose. CleverTexting TM can predict characters at the beginning of a word or middle of a word always ensuring what you need is at your fingertips. And because many languages are extremely correlated, this strategy has worked very well for every linguistic family of the world. The products are developed for 22 languages and offered in Java, Android, iOS, Windows and are being used by a million people worldwide. Panini Keypad (CleverTexting in 9 Indian scripts) on a basic phone allows one to type in Hindi demonstrably faster than one can type in English on that same phone. It has found a right product fit in India A great simplification All languages, all devices One simple usability

7 Who are the people behind this? Luna Ergonomics is a startup based in a India Govt supported Technology Incubator. It is run by Abhijit Bhattacharjee, a gifted software technologist and a committed entrepreneur who earlier served in the Indian Army telecom as a Major.Abhijit BhattacharjeeMajor The technologies for all languages of the world were developed by fresh engineers with little resources. Employees have never exceeded 10 in that 250 sqft office. Patents filed in India, USA, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Israel and the PCT examination reports are clear and published. Addl patents filed in China & Korea. The company has won many national awards in India and also internationally.internationally The company is angel funded by some eminent individuals from Indias society.society It was showcased by Oracle as a key Java technology in the MWC, Barcelona, 2011MWC, Barcelona Editors of RCR Wireless called this the most innovative mobile application of 2011.most innovative The company was invited to be a member of the ITU (UN) by its Secy Gen.ITU CleverTexting was the cover story of the Journal of the Ergonomist Society,UK, 2009cover story

8 One million people all over the world already use the Panini Keypad to type in all Indian languages to send messages.

9 Thank You

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