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TEKS 6.1c Integers in Real Life

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1 TEKS 6.1c Integers in Real Life
Stefanie Adkins Cobb 6th Grade Campus GPISD

2 TEKS Objective 6.1c Students will use integers to represent real-life situations.

3 Purpose The learner will synthesize negative numbers and positive numbers into daily life.

4 Have you ever sacked the quarterback
Have you ever sacked the quarterback? Have you ever seen a pass completed for 50 yards? That’s using Integers!

5 Integers Integers are positive and negative numbers.
Positive numbers are greater than zero on a number line. Ex: ½, 1, 99 2/7, 10,978,457,896…. Negative numbers are less than zero on a number line. Ex: -1/2, -1, -99 2/7, -10,978,457,896… Zero is not positive or negative (Remember, it is nothing!!!)

6 Integers on the Number line
For every positive number there is a negative number. A number line is continuous in both directions. -2 -1.5 -1 -.5 .5 1 1.5 2

7 Guided Practice Write the number sentence represented by the word problem. An elevator started at the first floor and went up 18 floors. It then came down 11floors and went back up 16. At what floor was it stopped? Ex: went up 18 = +18 down = -11 up = +16 (+18) + (-11) + (+16) At midnight, the temperature was 30F. By 6:00a.m., it had dropped 5F and by noon, it had increased by 11F. What was the temperature at noon? Ex: Temperature was 30F = +30 Dropped 5F = -5 Increased 11F = +11 (+30) + (-5) + (+11)

8 Independent Practice Write the integer for each situation.
A gain of 6 lbs ft below sea level A deposit of $ s before blastoff Score 10 points 8. A withdrawal of $14 5 years ago A debt of $12 2 km below the surface 10. A gain of 9 yds

9 Conclusion Students use integers to name situations.
Introduction before addressing integers with operations. Now you’re ready to learn more about integers! Go to the following site and do the activities.

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