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Five Fear-busters! Matthew 10:24-33

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1 Five Fear-busters! Matthew 10:24-33
Logos Bible Fellowship 3/28/2007

2 Context of the Passage Mt 9:38 – Jesus prays for harvest laborers
Mt 10:1 – Jesus gives His disciples authority Mt 10:5 – Jesus sends out His disciples to preach Mt 10:16 – Disciples as “sheep among wolves” Mt 10:17-23 – Promise of persecution Physical affliction (vv.17-18), arresting (vv.17,19), betrayal (v.21), rebellion (v.21), hatred (v.22), persecution (v.23) Matthew 10:24-33 – Five fear-busters

3 Setting Your Heart “It is strange that when God gives His children mercies, they generally set their hearts more on the mercies than on the Giver of them. But when the night comes, and He sweeps all the mercies away, then at once they each say ‘Now, my God, I have nothing to sing of but thee; I must come only to thee, and to thee only.’” ~ Charles H. Spurgeon

4 Outline of the Passage Replicate God’s Example (vv.24-25)
Recall God’s Omniscience (vv.26-27) Revere God’s Power (v.28) Rest in God’s Benevolence (vv.29-31) Reciprocate God’s Faithfulness (vv.32-33)

5 Replicate God’s Example (vv.24-25)
If the world persecuted Christ, they will persecute us also (cf. John 15:18-16:4) If you are saved, you will be hated and persecuted They will do this because they do not know God Despite this, you must testify His promises and Spirit keep you from going astray See also 2 Timothy 3:12 and Acts 14:22 Be willing to be like and follow Christ in all ways (Mt. 10:38-39; 1 Pet. 2:18-23; Heb. 12:2-3)

6 Recall God’s Omniscience (vv.26-27)
What is the “therefore” there for? Jesus was going to overcome the world (Jn. 16:33) “The fundamental ground for endurance in persecution is the victory of Jesus over the world (Jn. 12:31; 1 Cor. 15:57). Through His impending death, He rendered the world’s opposition null and void. While the world continues to attack His people, such attacks fall harmlessly, for Christ’s victory has already accomplished a smashing defeat of the whole evil rebellious system.” ~John MacArthur

7 Recall God’s Omniscience (vv.26-27)
All things concealed will be revealed Do not hide or conceal the Word of God Knowing that the gospel produces faith and salvation (Ro. 1:16, 10:17) should produce boldness in us (Acts 4:23-31) God’s Word is living and active. It convicts, judges, and lays us bare before God (Heb. 4:12-13) Live a holy life Pray through Psalm 139:23-24 and Psalm 19:14 Bless your enemies (Ro. 12:17-21; Mt. 5:43-48)

8 Revere God’s Power (v.28) Persecutors can only kill the body but God can destroy both body and soul in hell Every person goes to either Heaven or Hell (Matt. 25:46) Rejection of God’s revelation results in consuming judgment (Heb. 10:26-27, 31) God will take vengeance on those who do not know Him and do not obey the gospel of Jesus Christ (2 Thes. 1:3-10)

9 Revere God’s Power (v.28) “Having a right attitude toward suffering is essential, and that required attitude is concern for the kingdom of God. They were not self-centered, but concentrated on God’s kingdom. Their focus was not on personal comfort, fulfillment, and happiness, but on the glory of God and the fulfillment of His purposes. They were not moaning about the injustice of their persecutions. Rather, they were patiently enduring the sufferings they did not deserve (v. 4). This very attitude was “manifest evidence” or positive proof that God’s wise process of purging, purifying, and perfecting through suffering was working to make His beloved people worthy of the kingdom (cf. 2:12) by being perfected (cf. James 1:2–4; 1 Pet. 5:10). For believers, afflictions are to be expected (cf. 1 Thess. 3:3) as they live and develop Christian character in a satanic world. Suffering is not to be thought of as evidence that God has forsaken them, but evidence that He is with them, perfecting them (cf. Matt. 5:10; Rom 8:18; 2 Cor. 12:10). So the Thessalonians demonstrated that their salvation, determined by faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ, was genuine because they, like Christ, were willing to suffer on account of God and His kingdom. They suffered unjustly as objects of man’s wrath against Christ and His kingdom (Acts 5:41; Phil. 3:10; Col. 1:24).” ~John MacArthur

10 Rest in God’s Benevolence (vv.29-31)
Benevolence – “God’s unselfish concern for the welfare of those He loves.” ~ H. Wayne House Even a sparrow cannot die apart from God’s will (i.e. God allowing it to happen) God has even numbers the hairs on your head God will care for you and protect you if you cast yourself on Him (Ps. 55:22) You are more than conquerors in Christ (Ro. 8:28-39). See Stephen’s example (Acts 7:59-60)!

11 Reciprocate God’s Faithfulness (vv.32-33)
The person who acknowledges Christ as Lord in life and in death is the one whom Jesus will acknowledge before the Father as His own. We are able to be faithful to God, because He was faithful first (2 Tim. 2:8-13; 1 John 4:19) Falling away during hardship indicates only a emotional, superficial, false conversion (Matt. 13:5-6, 20-21). This is illustrated by the teacher of the Law in Mt. 8:18-20.

12 Reciprocate God’s Faithfulness (vv.32-33)
“You may readily judge whether you are a child of God or a hypocrite by seeing in what direction your soul turns in seasons of severe trial. The hypocrite flies to the world and finds a sort of comfort there. But the child of God runs to his Father and expects consolation only from the Lord’s hand.” ~ Charles H. Spurgeon

13 Group Discussion Nate: What title is used for the Holy Spirit in John 15:26-27? How should this affect your witness? How does understanding God’s benevolence and omniscience and Christ’s victory affect you? How can the group pray for you in this regard? Mark: What does it mean if hardship is promised and you have never experienced any? How does Christ’s victory over the world give you hope to endure hardship in the world? How can the group pray for you in this regard? Rick: What are some ways that a Christian being persecuted can result in the glory of God? What is one way that the group can pray for you to be more bold for Christ and more faithful to Him?

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