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How Healthy is Your Lunch? BT Young scientists January 2013.

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1 How Healthy is Your Lunch? BT Young scientists January 2013

2 Food Pyramid



5 On four days we arranged our lunches into food pyramids. We can see that mostly we ate more breads and crackers, fruit and vegetables than anything else. Being involved with Food Dudes has definitely helped us all eat more portions of fruit and vegetables.

6 Sugar Which do you think has more sugar a carton of ready mix Ribena or a Can of Coke?

7 Look at all the sugar in this!

8 Well?

9 The Result The Ribena is 21% sugar and the Coke is 35% sugar. There is far more sugar in the Ribena than we would have thought. Some sugar is added to drinks. Other sugar is natural.

10 The sugary drink line up

11 From best to worst This Fruit Shoot is made with artificial sweeteners and has 1.2g of sugar in it. This Probiotic drink might be good for you but has 5.8g of sugar in it. This Capri Sonne has 12% natural juice, there is 10g of sugar in it. This Yop has calcium which is good for your bones but there is 23g of sugar in this bottle.

12 The most sugar? This carton of smoothie has 25g of sugar in it. The sugar comes from healthy fruit. We need the vitamins and minerals in fruit but that is a lot of sugar in one small drink!

13 This sounds healthy?

14 Healthier than this?

15 Well is it? 2 of the Go Ahead yoghurt slices has more sugar and more calories than... 3 Rich tea biscuits. So No better, no worse, Beware of advertising that implies something is healthy.

16 Salt?

17 An adult should have no more than 6g of salt a day. This snack pack of tuc crackers has 2g of salt in it. That is 1/3 of the maximum an adult should have in a day. We need to be careful about adding salt to things because salt is hidden in lots of things like cereal, bread and tinned food. Salt is bad for our hearts.

18 Carbohydrates We should get most of our energy from carbohydrates. They are the fuel to keep our bodies going. Brown rice, brown bread, oats are carbohydrates that it takes our body a long time to break down, they keep us fuller for longer. Starch is a carbohydrate.

19 Testing for starch Starch is a carbohydrate. Iodine shows when starch is in a food. Iodine turns food With starch in it blue black.

20 These things contained starch Cheerios

21 Potato

22 Bread

23 Ready Brek

24 Pasta

25 These things don’t have starch Apple

26 Lettuce

27 Just for fun There is starch in cotton buds

28 and Paper

29 Brown Paper test for fats When you rub a fatty food on brown paper, we can see that it contains fat, because the brown paper becomes, shiny. Think of a bag chips from, the chipper in a nice brown bag and you get the idea. The next slides show foods that have fat in them.

30 Butter

31 Ham

32 Cheese

33 Thank you! We had such great fun putting together our project for the BT young scientists. Thank you for stopping by our stand.

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